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Manolete Archives -

Manolete Archives -

Jack Rico


2011/03/14 at 12:00am

Brody, Cruz get ‘A Matador’s Mistress’ June release

Brody, Cruz get 'A Matador’s Mistress' June release

Austin, TX (March 14, 2011)- Nolan A. Gallagher, Founder and CEO of Gravitas Ventures, announced  today the acquisition of Video On Demand (VOD) and digital rights to A Matador’s Mistress, formally known as Manolete, starring Academy Award winning actors Adrien Brody and Penelope Cruz. Gravitas Ventures is licensing the film from Viva Pictures and it will be available On Demand through cable, satellite, telco and online providers in June 2011.
“We are thrilled that A Matador’s Mistress will be available nation-wide this summer so that film lovers will have the opportunity to appreciate the fine performances of Adrien Brody and Penelope Cruz” remarked Nolan Gallagher Founder and CEO of Gravitas Ventures.  “Video on Demand is increasingly allowing larger audiences the opportunity to enjoy wider access to well regarded independent films.”
A Matador’s Mistress tells the story of Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez (Adrien Brody) – famously known as “Manolete” – the most celebrated matador in Spain. Finding himself always on the road, Manolete spends his life between solitary hotel rooms and the arena. Despite his fame, Manolete is a quiet and reserved man – all of which changes when he meets Lupe Sino (Penelope Cruz), a beautiful and mysterious woman. Directed by Academy Award nominee Menno Meyjes (The Color Purple), the film tells the tale of a tragic romance between a man who flirts with death and a woman in love with life.

“We are confident that no one is better positioned to exploit this epic high-value production on a digital platform.  We look forward to not only this film getting released through Gravitas, but many more star driven films later this year.” Said Victor Elizalde, President Viva Pictures LLC.

Jack Rico


2010/03/30 at 12:00am

‘Manolete’ with Penelope Cruz ‘Manolete’ gets release

'Manolete' with Penelope Cruz 'Manolete' gets release

In his lifetime, Manolete, the legendary bullfighter, caused a stir living with his exuberant left-wing mistress beneath the disapproving glare of staunchly Catholic, 1940s Spain. Manolete, a film about this romance starring Adrien Brody and Penelope Cruz, is raising eyebrows again – this time among the anti-bullfighting camp.

After a three-year delay, the €20m (£18m) British-Spanish production is expected to be released this week in Paris – to the outrage of animal rights activists.

“It is inadmissible to release a film in which the hero is a matador,” said the Alliance Anticorrida, a French anti-bullfighting group, in a message to its 20,000 members. “If they are properly informed, a great number of spectators will avoid this new film.”

The film, by the Dutch director Menno Meyjes, was supposed to be released as early as 2007, but has been beset with production delays, debts and a ballooning budget. Bullfighting scenes were reportedly shot without using real animals, which inflated the cost.

“Let’s thank Lola Films for making a compassionate choice for bulls,” said the US-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

In the film, a sombre Adrien Brody plays the matador from Cordoba enamoured with Penelope Cruz’s bonne vivante Mexican actress, Lupe Sino, who pines for a final glimpse of her lover after he is gored to death by the bull Islero in 1947.

The film’s producers and distributors have tried to reassure activists that the film – peppered with phrases like “I’m just your mistress; death is your wife” – is a story about love not killing. But the ever-growing anti-bullfighting movement appears unmoved. “It is forgetting a bit too quickly the images of Adrien Brody, his face and hands stained with blood in his torero costume,” the Alliance Anticorrida said.

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