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Men In Black 3 Archives -

Men In Black 3 Archives -

Jack Rico


2012/11/27 at 12:00am

DVD Radio: Men in Black 3, Lawless, Paranorman

DVD Radio: Men in Black 3, Lawless, Paranorman


This week from Miami, on the Enrique Santos Morning ShowJack Rico reviews the new DVD/Bluray releases: the gangster/western movie LAWLESS, thestop motion 3D comedy thriller PARANORMAN, and the disappointing MEN IN BLACK 3.

You can hear our DVD review segment in Miami on the ‘Enrique Santos Morning Show‘ every Tuesday at 7:25 AM and 9:25 AM by Univision Radio ‘MIX98.3FM’ in Miami or the global network by visiting: http: / /


Jack Rico


2012/05/24 at 12:00am

Details of ‘Men in Black 3’ Premiere and After Party!

Details of 'Men in Black 3' Premiere and After Party!

Wednesday night, had the pleasure of attending the ‘Men in Black 3’ New York Premiere, and what could very well be described as the best after party of 2012 and perhaps the best party – period – in the Hollywood industry in years.

The red carpet was held at the Ziegfeld theater in Manhattan, considered by this editor to be the best theater in New York. The entire cast showed up, including helmer Barry Sonnenfeld and Latino rapper Pitbull, who raps the theme song of the film. Will Smith, with his large cast of fellow actors, thanked the “Big Apple” for their support and introduced the 3D presentation.

After the screening, we were transported on a shuttle bus to the post premiere party aboard the aircraft carrier Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, which served all types od delicious food and drinks. Moreover, there were fireworks provided by the Grucci group that lasted about 25 minutes, which then gave way to, not one, but two musical performances with rappers Pitbull, and Will Smith and his family, including a reunion with DJ Jazzy Jeff. Pitbull played all his hits like International Love and the MIB3 theme song, and Smith went old school with songs like Summertime and the original and catchy MIB track.

Celebrities like boy band sensation One Direction, Spike Lee, Ethan Cohen and Michael Shannon were on hand to catch the performances of what was an unforgettable night.

I don’t know how much Sony spent putting this night together, but whatever it was, this one is going into the – “Remember that MIB3 party 20 years ago? Nothing like it!” -memory banks.

To get a sense of what we experienced, check out below some of the photographs and videos we took at the premiere and after party. Just insane!

Karen Posada


2012/05/21 at 12:00am

Men In Black 3

Men In Black 3

Men in Black III’ comes a decade later after ‘Men in Black II’, despite of the amount of time that separate them and it being part of the franchise, it stands well on its on. Clearly director Barry Sonnenfeld still knows what works for Men in Black and its audience. The special effects are phenomenal; the detail given to every alien character is outstanding, so much so that the realness of it can easily gross one out. The screening I went to was in 3D and I can say that the 3D is pretty good; the shots taken off the ledge of New York City’s Chrysler building made me a bit dizzy. The film does a good job at encompassing its predecessors without making a person unfamiliar with them feel lost. This is definitely a family film to watch during Memorial Day Weekend.


In this chapter of the Men in Black, Agent J (Will Smith) is forced to travel to the early years of the agency in 1969, to prevent an alien known as Boris the Animal (Jermaine Clement) from killing his partner K (Tommy Lee Jones) and at the same time saving the world from a future invasion and destruction. Agent J has 24 hours to prevent history from changing; he gets to meet and deal with the younger version of Agent K (Josh Brolin), and also discovers other secrets about the agency.


There are many cameos in the film, but some of the most talked about such as Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber are barely noticeable. Although Smith still has the same smart mouth as in the past two films, here he’s lost his childish comedy, which means a lot of funny moments the others delivered have been lost. The emotional ties are stronger than the comedy, which perhaps won’t work much for its target audience as the film begins to feel a bit long, the beginning of the film is too fast paced and then it seems to go in slow motion for a while.  


The best part about time traveling were the incorporations of Coney Island during the 60’s and Bill Hader as Andy Warhol, there’s many clever historic references here. As mentioned above the special effects were worth the $215 million dollars spent in making the film. We can see this on Boris The Animal, the villain’s presence and voice are perfectly horrific. My favorite character was young Agent K; Brolin is a flawless impersonator and he picked up the mannerisms and everything else from the older version of his character as if they were his own.


PG-13 is a perfect rating for this film, as it might get too convoluted and fast paced for a younger audience anyway. As a sequel this film adds on to the story and doesn’t damage it in any way, which very few sequels manage to do. Since there’s consideration of perhaps a ‘Men in Black 4’, which is not a surprise seeing that there’s still plenty of material to work from, other actors should be considered since both of the main charters seemed a bit tired in their roles. This will be a fun film for parents who enjoyed the past films and teens that might be enjoying their first ‘Men in Black’ adventure.

Mack Chico


2010/11/18 at 12:00am

First stills on the set of ‘Men In Black 3’!

First stills on the set of 'Men In Black 3'!

New York (USA), Nov. 18 ( – We are two years away until the release  of ‘Men In Black 3’, but we already have the set pics of the star cast in ol’ New York – Will Smith, Emma Thompson, Nicole Scherzinger and Tommy Lee Jones.

In the stills, Will Smith is wearing a white lycra t-shirt showing a jacked up body. British actress Emma Thompson (Nanny McPhee), is wearing a black dress and flip-flops. She is said to be the new head of the MIB group. Nicole Scherzinger, lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, plays a villain named Lilly. Her scenes are unfortunately scarce. Finally, Tommy Lee Jones, a.k.a. Mr. Grumpy, is carrying what looks to be a Louis Vuitton.

From what we understand, the shooting schedule is not conventional. The sequel will take a break for two months after the coming holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The funny thing is that film productions rarely take breaks that long. Either way, the film, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, who is responsible for the two previous installments, will focus on Agent J (Will Smith) who returns to 1969 to stop a villain. Once there, he will get the help of the younger version of Agent K (Josh Brolin) and together, join forces to defeat Yaz, to prevent the destruction of his partner in the future (Tommy Lee Jones) and saving the Earth.
Men In Black 3 will be released in 3D and is scheduled to play theaters on May 25, 2012 courtesy of Columbia Pictures.

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