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Mistaken for Strangers Archives -

Mistaken for Strangers Archives -

Jack Rico


2014/03/24 at 6:00am

This Week In Movies: ‘Noah,’ ‘Sabotage,’ ‘Cesar Chavez’

We begin the last week of March with ten movie releases. Arnold is back! as well as biblical films and the most anticipated Asian action film of the year amongst others. Noticeably, Latino films are really trying to establish themselves as a mainstay in Hollywood with Cesar Chavez and an all-star cast of Latino actors. Protagonist Michael Peña is perhaps one of the best of them with an ear shot of an Oscar sometime soon. Documentaries are rare this week with only the premise of a nanny photographer making the rounds. Apart from that, B actors from the 80’s make appearances, but their films at least offer something intriguing, which means that their trailers are at least worth looking at. Read More

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