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Phil Jackson Archives -

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2014/04/29 at 12:50pm

‘Lengua, Cámara y Acción’: Justice League vs.The Avengers – Which Movie Will Prove To Be The Best?

The big news this week is that Zack Snyder is directing the new JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, which is DC Comics’ answer to The Avengers. In my weekly radio segment on the Luis Jimenez Show, “Lengua, Cámara y Acción,” Luis and I chat about which movie will audiences ultimately like better? Also, GEORGE CLOONEY is engaged and women are complaining he married ugly. And finally, Knicks President PHIL JACKSON is a bad tipper? I did the math and he left the appropriate tip, so why’s the NY Post pissed at him? Listen to the radio segment and tell us what you think! Read More

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