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Jack Rico


2016/10/29 at 3:18pm

FX Atlanta’s Brian Tyree Henry Reacts To Donald Glover ‘Han Solo’ Casting News

10.29.2016 | By |

On this 10th episode, I chat with the one and only Brian Tyree Henry (a.k.a. Paper Boi) of one the most acclaimed TV shows on right now – FX’s ATLANTA. We discuss everything from the reasons why the show is resonating with viewers, the new golden age of black pop culture, his affinity to Latino culture, why Broadway still lacks diversity compared to film and TV and a passionate discussion on why the use of the ’N’ word in today’s arts and culture landscape is okay with him. That plus a look at why the website Quartz decided to create a Spanish language newsletter with its senior editor Gideon Lichfield as well as horror film recommendations for this Halloween.

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