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Sigh. We've always known NICE GUYS finish last 😔.

restaurant Archives -

restaurant Archives -

Jack Rico


2016/07/10 at 3:48pm

A Look At The Rooftop Farm Of ‘Rosemary’s’ Restaurant

I ate here the other day as my wife and I were looking for a restaurant in the Village that was puppy friendly. We had our maltipoo Toby in tow. Through the Finding Fido app we found this gem of a place that actually has a rooftop farm. Many of the ingredients in our meal were from the garden itself. It was delicious, plus the rustic and charming decor sealed it for us. Toby was also happy to people-see at the outdoor tables. I highly recommend this place folks!

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Mariana Dussan


2014/04/02 at 9:39am

The Week’s Best Viral Web Moments Are Here!

Perhaps someone put something funky in the water recently because suddenly it seems that many Hollywood actors have been itching … that is, itching to sing. In a matter of days a Ghostbuster, Wolverine, Barney Stinson and Marshall Ericksen have all given random showstopping musical performances. Read More

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