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Russell Crowe Archives -

Russell Crowe Archives -

Jack Rico


2013/11/14 at 6:15pm

New Trailer! Darren Aronofsky’s ‘NOAH’

After an endless wait, it is finally here, what we’re all sure will be one of the most controversial films since The Passion of the Christ – Darren Aronofsky’s NOAH!

Academy Award winner Russell Crowe stars as Noah, a man chosen by God for a great task before an apocalyptic flood destroys the world.

NOAH will release in theaters March 28th 2014!

What do you think of the trailer? Leave your comments below.

Jack Rico


2012/10/16 at 12:00am

Lengua, Cámara y Acción: 16 de octubre

Lengua, Cámara y Acción: 16 de octubre

Esta semana en el segmento de noticias de cine, “Lengua, Cámara y Acción” en el Luis Jimenez Show por X96.3FM, Univision Radio, Jack Rico habla sobre: el divorcio de Russell Crowe, la despedida de un empleado de un hotel por hablar de Jennifer Aniston, DeNiro y Stallone boxearan en una película y TED es la comedia #1 de la historia!

Este segmento en español es el único en los Estados Unidos que se dedica a hablar de noticias de cine. El crítico de cine, Jack Rico, estará reportando las más importantes noticias de Hollywood de una manera conversada, entretenida e informativa, junto a la estrella de la radio, Luis Jimenez. De esta forma, usted se puede mantener al tanto de lo que pasa en Hollywood con una sonrisa en cara. Lengua, Camara y Acción será transmitido cada martes a las 9:50AM.

Además, no se pierda de PELICULEANDO, cada viernes a las 9:50am para escuchar las críticas y recomendaciones de los más recientes estrenos cinematográficos y EN ESPAÑOL! Ustedes pueden escuchar nuestro segmento de cine a través de ‘The Luis Jimenez Show’ cada viernes a las 9:50AM por Univision Radio ‘X96.3FM’ en Nueva York o por la red mundial visitando la página: ‘The Luis Jimenez Radio Show’ on ‘X96.3FM’ en New York, FM 97.7 Fort Myers, 98.5/101.1/100.3 FM, 890AM Boston, 1400AM Lawrence / Lowell Haz cliq al vídeo para escuchar el más reciente segmento radial.

Mack Chico


2012/08/12 at 12:00am

Russell Crowe: First look as ‘Noah’

Russell Crowe: First look as 'Noah'

USA Today has unveiled the first photo of Russell Crowe as the title character in Darren Aronofsky‘s big-budget biblical epic “Noah,” which is currently in production in Iceland. Check out the photo below.

The story follows the biblical tale of a man (Crowe) who is given the mission to build a giant vessel that can house two of every animal from the earth to save them from a giant flood that will wipe all life for a new beginning.

Aronofsky has been tweeting updates about his upcoming film, including several last month. “I dreamt about this since I was 13. And now it’s a reality. Genesis 6:14,” he said on July 11.

“Noah” won’t be your average Biblical epic though. Aronofsky plans to feature wingless angel demons and giants–based on his tweets, a creature named Og. Og was the King of Bahan, a race of giants, and part of the Rephaim in the Bible.

“According to Jewish folklore, Noah built a special compartment in the Ark for him and/or he rode out the flood by sitting on the top. Either way, we’ll see how Og will make an appearance, but it’s another interesting note to a movie that is playing as much with myth and legend as it is with the elements of the standard story we know,” writes Kevin Jagernauth.

The film is being made in Iceland, amidst inclement weather. Crowe has taken to his Twitter to talk about the cold and the wind during filming.

The new movie co-sars Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins, Ray Winstone, Douglas Booth, Emma Watson and Logan Lerman. It’s set to hit theaters on March 28th, 2014.

Karen Posada


2012/05/29 at 12:00am

9 new pictures from ‘Les Miserables’

9 new pictures from 'Les Miserables'

Les Miserables’ will premiere on December 14 and has already become one of the most anticipated films of the year. The followers of the musical, and everyon else will agree that the film adaptation has an incredible cast: Hugh Jackman, Anne Hataway, Russel Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Samantha Barks, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Helena Bonham Carter.

The plot of ‘Les Miserables’ is set in France in the 19 century, it’s a passionate story of unfinished dreams and unrequited love, of sacrifice and rendemption a testimony of the survival of the human spirit. Jean Valiean (Jackman) is a free prisoner, who is followed endlessly for decades by Javert (Crow) a policeman, after breaking parole. When Valiean accepts to care for Cosette (Seyfried), the daughter of Fantine (Hathaway) a factory worker; their lives change forever.

In the following images we show you some of the characters, there’s still left to see how Cohen and Carter will be as Thenardiers since their images haven’t been published.

Anne Hathaway como Fantine

Seyfried como Cosette adulta y Redmayne como Marius

Valiean y Cosette niña

Barks ha hecho el papel de Éponine en la tarima y ahora también en pantalla

Jack Rico


2010/05/05 at 12:00am

Free tickets to ‘Robin Hood’ in New York!

Free tickets to 'Robin Hood' in New York! invites you to see an advanced screening of ‘Robin Hood’ starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett on Thursday, May 13th at 7:30PM at an undisclosed theater in Manhattan, NY. Only 40 winners with an ADMIT ONE ticket will be picked.


The story of an archer in the army of Richard Coeur de Lion who fights against the Norman invaders and becomes the legendary hero known as Robin Hood.

1. Fill out the COMMENTS section on the page with your name and email.
2. Wait for one of our staff members to email you an E-Ticket of the film
3. Print the ticket with you from home or work


Follow us on Twitter for more advanced screenings!

To see the trailer and pictures of the film, click the poster below:

Tickets are limited and are allocated to a random sampling of respondents. Limit one (Admit-One) pass per person. Seating is first come, first served. No purchase necessary. While supplies last.

Rated PG-13 for violence including intense sequences of warfare, and some sexual content.

No one under 13 will be admitted.

The theatrical release will be May 14th, 2010.

Robin Hood The Movie (2010)

Passes are not for sale.

Mack Chico


2008/09/02 at 12:00am

Russell Crowe to star as ‘Watson’ in ‘Sherlock Holmes’

Russell Crowe to star as 'Watson' in 'Sherlock Holmes'

Russell Crowe is set to star in Guy Ritchie‘s new film about legendary English detective Sherlock Holmes.

Crowe will star as the detective’s famous assistant, Dr Watson, alongside Robert Downey Jr in the lead role.

“Russell wants the part, Guy wants Russell,” a movie source told The Sun newspaper.

“All they’ve got left to do is dot the i’s and cross the t’s.”

Crowe had been due to start work on Ridley Scott‘s film about Robin Hood and star as the Sheriff of Nottingham.

But that has now been put on the backburner because of production delay, leaving Crowe free to concentrate on his new role as Dr Watson.

The movie’s script is based on a new comic book series about the famous English detective, with filming due to begin next month.

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