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Sex and the City Archives -

Sex and the City Archives -

Jack Rico


2009/07/13 at 12:00am

Victoria Beckham in ‘Sex and the City’ Sequel?

Victoria Beckham in 'Sex and the City' Sequel?

Victoria Beckham is a pro when it comes to posing in front of the cameras.

But doing anything other than placing her hand on her ever-shrinking hip and pouting her lips may be problem.

This may be the reason why the pin-thin fashion plate is reportedly taking acting lessons in hopes of landing a cameo role in the “Sex and the City” sequel, the Daily Mail reports.

Due to her busy rehearsal schedule for the ‘Spice Girls’ reunion tour in 2007, Posh turned down a walk-on role in the first fashion-obsessed film.

However, producers are reportedly eager to cast the 35-year-old fashionista alongside the film’s four main females in the next movie.

“She really wanted to be in the last movie but wasn’t able to take part because of her commitments with the Spice Girls,” a source said. “This time she’s keen to take part.”

Posh first dabbled with acting in the 1997 flick “Spice World” and again on the small screen in a 2007 episode of “Ugly Betty.”

Given that her only experience thus far has been playing herself, Posh may need to brush up on her acting skills before sharing the big screen with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall.

Mack Chico


2008/09/22 at 12:00am

Sex and the City: The Movie will have a part 2

Sex and the City: The Movie will have a part 2

Where to celebrate the launch of the Sex and the City: The Movie DVD?

Why, the same place where, in the film, Carrie Bradshaw gets stood up at the altar. Thursday night, the film’s stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon reconvened at the New York Public Library, which was lit up in pink and decorated with a custom-made interlocking-C white Chanel couch.

A radiant and friendly Parker, in Alexander McQueen, said she was ecstatic that her film was one of the year’s blockbusters. “I was surprised and thrilled and gratified and shocked,” said Parker. “I think we felt very honored that people connected to the story.”

Said Cattrall: “This has been an amazing year. It’s poignant that the year after we started shooting, the DVD is coming out. It just seems to get better.”

And now, word is, there’s a sequel in the works.

“I guess there’s been a lot of talk except that Michael Patrick and I haven’t spoken,” said Parker, referring to the film’s writer and director Michael Patrick King. “We’re going to have a conversation sooner rather than later. If Michael feels there’s a story worthy of an audience leaving their home and plunking down a significant amount of money for a ticket, then I assume we’ll move forward. We feel very indebted to this audience and it would be a disservice to them to make a movie because we can.”

If a second installment of Sex comes to fruition, Parker wants it to “be thoughtful and something that has some meaning — (we want) to tell a good story and produce it well.”

Cattrall too hopes it happens. “The deal is they’re making the deal and Michael Patrick King is writing the script. I don’t envy him that task. I’m very excited because Samantha is single and that’s real fun to play,” she said.

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