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Shalim Ortiz Archives -

Shalim Ortiz Archives -

Mariana Dussan


2014/02/05 at 2:34pm

Is Shalim Ortiz Returning To Music?

02.5.2014 | By |

For more than a decade, actor Shalim Ortiz, who is of Puerto Rican and Dominican heritage, has successfully crisscrossed between the American (“Magic City“) and Latin (“Dama y Obrero“) worlds of film and television — a privilege only a few experience — but his initial mark was made in music. In 2003, Ortiz was actually well known for his second and last album “Cuarto Sin Puerta”, an Emilio Estefan collaboration. Remember “Se Me Olvido Tu Nombre,” the huge hit from 2003? It reached #2 on the Latin Billboard charts, and now 11 years later, he’s toying with the idea of returning music again with “Va a Llover,” a single made just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Read More

Mariana Dussan


2013/12/03 at 1:22pm

6 Hispanic Actors That Could Play Zorro In Fox’s “Zorro Reborn”

12.3.2013 | By |

With our ‘Zorro Reborn’ proof-of-concept trailer article we exclusively posted last week, there has been a plethora of speculation in Hollywood on who could become the next Zorro and lead the Latino masked fugitive into the next generation. On film, Zorro was first played by Douglas Fairbanks in the 20’s, then most recently with Antonio Banderas in 1998 and 2005. Banderas to us inhabited the complete epitome of the character, but with the anti-hero off the screen for the last 8 years, there has been talk from 20th Century Fox, owners of the film rights, of rebooting the swashbuckling hero. But who could take Banderas’ place? With the film not yet greenlit and no set lead role, we take this opportunity to play around with the idea of proposing the six best Hispanic actors, in our opinion, that would be perfect to play the cunning hero of the flowing cape, flat-brimmed hat, and black eye-mask.  Read More

Jack Rico


2013/07/02 at 10:00am

Is Shalim Ortiz the future of acting?

07.2.2013 | By |

Shalim Ortiz, of Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage, is a bilingual actor who speaks fluent Spanish and English. He has worked in both languages throughout his career and it has lead to this – an actor who can now be seen weekly on two shows in two languages – Telemundo’s “Dama y Obrero” and Starz’s “Magic City”. Is this the future of acting? Will all actors one day be bilingual and work in two, even three languages? How great is it that if work dries up on one end, there’s a whole other career waiting for him on the other end. Read More

Jack Rico


2012/04/11 at 12:00am

Exclusive: 5 Questions with ‘Bad Ass’ dude Shalim Ortiz

04.11.2012 | By |

What does it take to be a ‘Bad Ass‘ in Hollywood? Just ask Puerto Rican-Dominican actor Shalim Ortiz (Heroes), who seems to wear it as a badge in his young, but prolific acting career. From the USA to Mexico and back, English or Spanish, this bilingual, bicultural actor is working towards making a name for himself rather quickly in the tough turf of the acting business.

His latest cinematic effort is an indie action movie called ‘BAD ASS‘ starring Danny Trejo (Machete). A Vietnam veteran who becomes a local hero after saving a man from attackers on a city bus decides to take action when his best friend is murdered and the police show little interest in solving the crime. Ortiz plays the young Trejo, who went to war and is down on his luck. But don’t mess with him, he might just break your neck. Read More

Jack Rico


2011/04/19 at 12:00am

Exclusive: First pics of Shalim and Trejo in ‘Bad Ass’

04.19.2011 | By |

Exclusive: First pics of Shalim and Trejo in 'Bad Ass'

Shalim Ortiz, known from his work in the critically acclaimed Dominican film Yuniol, and the NBC series Heroes, doesn’t know it, “but he just f@cked with the wrong Mexican” – Danny ‘Machete‘ Trejo. What we mean is that Ortiz is teaming up with Trejo, Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Cronos, Sons of Anarchy) and Charles Dutton (Alien, Gothika) in a movie called ‘Bad Ass‘, which has still to have an official release date, but is rumored to be aiming for a Toronto Film Festival premiere, September 8-18th. 

The plot for the film has Trejo playing Frank Vega, a Vietnam veteran and senior citizen, who becomes a YouTube sensation and local hero when he takes on political corruption and a vicious street gang in an effort to solve and avenge his best friend’s murder.

Shalim plays the 17 and 25 year old versions of Danny Trejo’s character, Vega, in the film. He’s a high school football star who leaves his girlfriend Lindsay behind to enlist in the army and serve in Vietnam. He proves to be a skilled, brave and dedicated soldier, earning a Purple Heart and suffering a severe leg injury. Upon returning home, Frank discovers that Lindsay has moved on and his job prospects are bleak.

Ortiz just wrapped up the production a few days ago in Oklahoma and is on a work frenzy as he has 7 films in the can and 6 in development, including the highly anticipated ‘Gardel‘ about the Argentinian raised tango icon, Carlos Gardel, who died tragically in a plane crash in 1935. He’ll play Pizarro, and most likely, will speak with an Argentinian accent. Let’ see how he pulls it off. The movie is set for release sometime in 2013.

Below are the first exclusive movie stills from Bad Ass.

The film is directed by Craig Moss (The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It), and produced by Ash Shah, Ben Feingold and Jim Busfield.

Shalim and Danny Trejo in 'Bad Ass'

Shalim in 'Bad Ass'

Jack Rico


2009/10/20 at 12:00am

Shalim Ortiz opens ‘Touched’ at Dominican Film Festival

10.20.2009 | By |

Shalim Ortiz opens 'Touched' at Dominican Film Festival

TOUCHED, the movie starred and produced by Shalim Ortiz, best known for his role of Alejandro in NBC’s Heroes, has been chosen to lead the Dominican Republic Film Festival taking place in Santo Domingo from November 18th to the 22nd.
The Festival will mark the worldwide premiere of Touched, a movie of faith and forgiveness inspired by the true story of its writer and producer Jackie Watson. The movie is centered in Nilsa, a young handicapped girl oppressed by her insecure mother, and her journey towards a different life with the help of two very important people. Ortiz is the male lead in the role of Jimmy, an American rocker, who is one of those two people who enter Nilsa’s life. The film took 5 years to make, and was shot in Los Angeles, directed by Argentinean director Dan Neira, whom Shalim has worked with in the past.
Producers Olivier Rossman and Jackie Watson decided to come back from Cannes where they did a private screening when Ortiz was able to convince them to bring the movie to one of his islands of upbringing, the Dominican Republic, for the Festival.
The Film will premiere at the prestigious Teatro Nacional with a red carpet event, and will gather worldwide media for the first time it will be shown. The producers and cast will attend the event as well as the President of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez, creator and unconditional supporter of the Festival.
Additionally, Ortiz has been chosen as official Ambassador of the Festival, now in its third edition, to promote it internationally.

Jack Rico


2009/07/08 at 12:00am

Shalim Ortiz filming in Mexico

07.8.2009 | By |

Shalim Ortiz filming in Mexico

Heroe’s star Shalim Ortiz is currently filiming a movie in Spanish called “Asesinato, amor y reincarnacion” directed by Mexican director Eduardo Rossoff. According to our source, Shalim and crew are one week down, and six to go on the set in Mazatlan, Mexico. The cast and crew will be there until July 18th when they will eventually be moving to the Dominican Republic to finish the film.

On a curious note, “Asesinato, amor y reincarnacion” is the second most expensive Mexican movie in the past 5 years with a budget of $38,000,000 pesos or $2,863,000 dollars. That sounds like a lot for a country who just suffered an economic set back due to the swine flu incident. “Arrancame la Vida” still holds the record as the most expensive film in that country.

Shalim will be keeping busy for the rest of the year as he is set to begin filming 4 new projects: Gardel 2008, The Roel, Tango Late and Riptide.

To see Shalim in action in the set of “Asesinato, amor y reincarnacion” see the exclusive pics below we obtained from the set.


Jack Rico


2009/01/14 at 12:00am

Shalim Ortiz’s new movie is #1 on TV

01.14.2009 | By |

Shalim Ortiz's new movie is #1 on TV

“Sssshhhhhhh…” Shalim Ortiz, an international star, and one of the bright young stars of the hit TV show, ‘Heroes’ in Season 2, was recently given some good news this week: his new TV movie “Expecting a Miracle” on the Hallmark Channel on January 10th, ranked as the #1 cable program of the night, #1 cable movie of the week, and boosted the family-friendly network to rank #1 in Prime Time for the day. As we understand it, it will air 2 more times on Friday Jan. 16 and Thursday Jan. 22 on the Hallmark Channel at 9pm.

If you want to know what Shalim is up to, check out his website:

We extend our congrats to Shalim and his big ratings success!



Also, check out the cool pics form the movie:


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