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2012/01/03 at 12:00am

Nolan fixes Bane issues on ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Nolan fixes Bane issues on 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Several weeks ago, we reported in detail on the presentation by director Christopher Nolan‘s first six minutes of ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘. The proposal of the video was to begin shooting before the screening of ‘Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol‘ in IMAX. The biggest complaint we critics, and audiences in general, was to understand the dialogue of the villain Bane (Tom Hardy).

This immediately came to the ears of Nolan, who said he would not improve the scenes with him. Then the survey asked the director to please help them with the subject which Nolan said he would consider “alter sounds a little bit.” Apparently, it was exactly what he did, because a new sound clip was sent to theaters . According to sources, lowered the background noise of the plane and other things, the Bane‘s dialogue sounds clearer and more understandable.

They were then asked audience members if they had trouble understanding Bane. All said they had no problem to understand and added that Bane dialogue is not yet clear as the dialogue of other characters, but much better.

‘The Dark Knight Rises will premiere in the U.S. on July 20.

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