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Steven Spielberg Archives -

Steven Spielberg Archives -

Jack Rico


2017/07/22 at 5:04pm

Watch Steven Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’ Teaser Trailer!

07.22.2017 | By |

Steven Spielberg is behind the camera once again to bring us the virtual reality universe of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One. It’s the talk of the San Diego Comic-Con. Watch the trailer and let us know what you think.

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Adam Garcia


2015/10/09 at 7:39am

Bridge Of Spies (Movie Review)

10.9.2015 | By |

The 1-4-0: With #BridgeOfSpies, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks return to form with a Cold War spy drama that reminds audiences of true American ideals. Read More

Adam Garcia


2015/10/05 at 11:32am

Spielberg, Hanks Talk Coen Brothers Influence On ‘Bridge Of Spies’

10.5.2015 | By |

Our Adam Garcia had a chance to ask Steven Spielberg and the cast about the Coen Brothers’ influence on the upcoming Cold War drama – Bridge Of Spies. Read More

Adam Garcia


2015/09/04 at 10:11am

Minority Report (TV Review)

09.4.2015 | By |

The 1-4-0: A direct sequel to the 2002 Tom Cruise / Steven Spielberg film, a Washington DC detective teams up with a “precog” to stop crime before it happens. Read More

Jack Rico


2015/06/12 at 10:11am

Jurassic World (Movie Review)

06.12.2015 | By |

The 1-4-0: #JurassicWorld is really an homage to the original. There are so many references. This is the real sequel using the blueprint of the first. Read More

Jack Rico


2014/11/26 at 12:45am

New Trailer: ‘Jurassic World’

11.26.2014 | By |

One of my favorite movies of all time is Jurassic Park. When I first saw it, I really thought that is how dinosaurs would look like if they were alive today. I had never seen how a behemoth of that size would move so quickly and naturally, as opposed to costumed men in T-Rex suits (Godzilla) or stop motion animation creatures (Land of the Lost TV show). The subsequent sequels, part 2 and 3, were aberrations and lacked the Spielberg directorial touch. Once again, Spielberg does not want to direct the 4th part, Jurassic World, but executive produce. Will it return to be as good as the original, improve upon it or fail miserably once again? Watch the trailer and be the judge.
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Mariana Dussan


2013/10/10 at 5:54pm

Jay-Z Signs Spielberg Kids: 5 Musicians With Famous Parents

10.10.2013 | By |

Jay Z’s Roc Nation has signed Wardell, a talented summery sounding duo that might give Blue Ivy a run for her inheritance. The indie-folk band is made up of Theo and Sasha Spielberg, children of Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw. Theo, 25 is in charge of instrumentals and Sasha, 23, of vocals. They released the EP “Brother/Sister” earlier this year and are currently preparing their debut album set to be released in 2014. Read More

Jack Rico


2013/08/10 at 9:17am

Guillermo del Toro Picks Your DVD’s For This Weekend!

08.10.2013 | By |

It’s tough to sometimes find a good DVD movie to watch at home with your wife, kids or just by yourself, there is just too many films to select from. That’s why it is ideal to have the actors and directors themselves, from the movies you watch them in, recommend what you should be seeing in the comfort of your own home. One of the most literate when it comes to cinema, in particular, the horror and thriller genre, is Guillermo del Toro. He along with his protegé  provide some excellent classics that should create some great movie memories.

Here are Guillermo del Toro’s 3 DVD picks you should watch tonight: Read More

Mack Chico


2012/06/14 at 12:00am

Is an ‘E.T’ sequel actually happening?

06.14.2012 | By |

Is an 'E.T' sequel actually happening?

In what was supposed to be called “E.T: Nocturnal Fears,” Steven Spielberg was given a sequel treatment that he had to pass on because it was too dark compared to the original. “ET: The Extra-Terrestrial” grossed almost $800 million worldwide and is considered one of the greatest works of Spielberg’s career.

Speaking to the American Film Institute, Steven Spielberg explained why “ET 2” never happened. “Sequels can be very dangerous because they compromise your truth as an artist,” he said. “I think a sequel to ‘ET’ would do nothing but rob the original of its virginity. People only remember the latest episode, while the pilot tarnishes.

According to sources, the ‘E.T’ sequel had a second spaceship land at the end, but the aliens onboard are evil. They’re searching for a stranded extraterrestrial named Zrek (aka ET), who is sending a call for “Help.” The evil creatures are carnivorous and are an albino fraction (mutation) of the same civilization ET belongs to. The two separate groups have been at war for decades. Later in the script, Elliot and his friends are kidnapped and violently interrogated by Korel (the alien commander), demanding to know the whereabouts of Zrek. Thankfully, ET is aware of the attack and arrives to save the day.

But it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Spielberg won’t consider directing an ‘E.T’ sequel: “I can’t imagine ever making another one, unless I wake up one morning with a master thought.”

Karen Posada


2011/12/14 at 12:00am

Steven Spielberg: In-depth interview about ‘Tintin’

12.14.2011 | By | had the amazing opportunity to listen to Steven Spielberg as he talked about his new 3D movie ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ during the press conference. This is the story of a journalist invented by Hergé, a Belgian comic writer that created endless adventures of the boy reporter from 1929-1983. This was a story in the making for 20 years, Spielberg told us how that came about and what we should expect from it.  Read More

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