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The Players Archives -

Jack Rico


2014/03/31 at 12:07pm

This Week In Movies: ‘Captain America 2,’ ‘Under The Skin,’ ‘Afflicted’

We begin the first week of April with 16 movie releases, which is a huge amount of films for one single week, not including all those arriving on VOD. Big names are headlining mainstream and indie films this week as almost everything on slate is interesting, intriguing or flat out just rises curiosity on their premises. Halle Berry returns to the big screen, Jude Law tries to be a gangsta, Scarlett Johansson goes indie/sci-fi and blockbuster in the same week on us and a French movie flat-out copies Beverly Hills Cop and 48Hrs. But perhaps the biggest revelation of the week is the horror film ‘Afflicted‘ that has been very well received from of all who have seen it. April seems to be shaping up to be a good month for movies! Read More

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