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Sigh. We've always known NICE GUYS finish last 😔.

Vin Diesel Archives -

Vin Diesel Archives -

Justine Browning


2015/10/23 at 1:39pm

Vin Diesel Flips Out When Compared to ‘Last Witch Hunter’ Character 

Vin Diesel is an enthusiastic one. That’s for sure. During a recent interview for his film The Last Witch Hunter, the Fast & the Furious star decided to flip the switch and ask me what I thought about the action/adventure flick. I compared him to his character Kaulder, a man who is immortal and indestructible but faces loneliness and isolation. There’s a facade the character puts up, all the while consumed by weakness. In many ways, Diesel shares similar traits.  Read More

Jack Rico


2014/02/19 at 10:23am

New Trailer: Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

It’s here! The teaser trailer for Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ starring an ensemble casts that includes Oscar winner Benicio del Toro and Zoe Saldana. The trailer shows us some glimpses of action and a real good look at the lot of characters. The film is directed by James Gunn and seems to be the most ambitious project from Marvel Studios. Read More

Jack Rico


2013/07/19 at 4:55pm

‘Riddick’: The brand new trailer!

07.19.2013 | By | 2 Comments">2 Comments

Universal Pictures just released their first trailer of Vin Diesel’s – Riddick. The trailer also has Dredd star Karl Urban playing Vaaco and Batista from the WWE. Both are set on collecting a bounty for the head of Riddick. Read More

Jack Rico


2013/05/24 at 12:00am

Fast & Furious 6 (Movie Review)

We’re introducing “The 1-4-0”, our brand new movie review summary that will begin with 140 characters or less that you can be able to copy/paste onto your Twitter account. Enjoy!

The “1-4-0”: “Fast & Furious 6” is as action packed a film you can see all year. If you had to pick 1, this will more than satisfy your adrenaline rush. Read More

Mack Chico


2011/05/02 at 12:00am

¡’Fast Five’ is #1 in the box office!

¡'Fast Five' is #1 in the box office!

The action film ‘Fast Five‘ sped to the top of the box office this weekend, grossing $83.6 million in North America and raising movie studios’ hopes for a profitable summer after a lackluster spring.

The Fast and Furious saga just beat its own record in the United States. ‘Fast Five’ takes no less than $83.6 billion in its U.S. debut in theaters. The biggest success so far this year for any production in its first week.

Fast Five also set a record as the best debut ever for a month in April, surpassing its predecessor Fast and Furious 4, which debuted with $71 million at the box office two years ago.

In second place is the second highest grossing film of 2011 Rio with $39.2 million. “Rio slipped to No. 2 this weekend, with $14.4 million.

In third place was the comedy Tyler Perry‘s Madea‘s Big Happy Family, with $10.1 million.

Here are the 10 highest grossing films of this past weekend.

1. Fast Five, 83.6 million.

2. “Rio, 14.4 million.

3. Tyler Perry‘s Madea‘s Big Happy Family, 10.1 million.

4. Water for Elephants, 9.1 million.

5. Prom, 5 million.

6. Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil, 4.1 million.

7. Soul Surfer, “ 3.3 million.

8. Insidious, 2.7 million.

9. Hop, 2.6 million.

10. Source Code, 2.5 million.

Mack Chico


2009/04/12 at 12:00am

‘Fast & Furious 5’ is a go in Brazil!

'Fast & Furious 5' is a go in Brazil!

Those old parts Universal threw into the Fast & Furious machine churned out new cash and lots of it. Though you might expect the studio to be sitting back and counting their increasingly growing pile of loot, the gears are in motion to ride the franchise into another installment.

Universal confirmed today to E! News that a sequel to Fast & Furious is already in works. That could mean two studio execs shooting the breeze at the urinals or intense boardroom discussions. Either way there’s no doubt Universal wants to extend their winning streak while the going’s good.

The studio was forced into addressing the sequel after Paul Walker proclaimed during an interview this morning to MYfm’s Valentine that he and Vin Diesel are “without question” coming back for more.

Walker even went as far as to throw out a location, “This was supposed to be it (re: Fast & Furious) There wasn’t supposed to be the open-ended closing like there was. When I first read the screenplay, I was like, ‘Man, look what they’re doing.’ But without question, with the way things opened up, Vin and I will be coming back, we’re making a fifth one, and we’re going to Brazil, that’s it.”

With the studio’s bulging economy-defying checking account lets see those streets lined with Brazilian supermodels. There’s an extra $5 million at the box office alone.

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