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who's that naked girl in Flight Archives -

who's that naked girl in Flight Archives -

Karen Posada


2012/10/30 at 12:00am

Nadine Velazquez: ‘Flight’ will take her places

Nadine Velazquez: 'Flight' will take her places

Chicago born Nadine Velazquez of Puerto Rican descent, not to be confused with Venezuelan actress Patricia Velasquez, is a crucial part of ‘Flight,’ Denzel Washington’s film coming out this Friday, the first weekend of November 2012. 

Velazquez, who graduated from Columbia College with a B.A. in marketing, began her career as a model and has been on Maxim’s Hot 100 women more than once; no one would disagree with her being on that list once you see her in the aforementioned movie’s first scene, where she is completely nude and for a long period of time. As an actress she’s made her way onto the small screen in various TV roles since 2003, she’s made appearances in some well known shows such as ‘Entourage’, ‘CSI’, and even the defunct ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ but is most recognized for her consistent role on NBC’s ‘My Name is Earl’ as Catalina and most recently in her current roles in The CW’s comedy drama series ‘Hart of Dixie’ as Didi Ruano, and FX’s comedy series ‘The League’ as Sofia. 

Here’s a clip of her role as Catalina in ‘My Name is Earl’

Some of her first film roles that Velazquez might not be too proud of probably are ‘Biker Boyz’ and ‘Chasing Papi’. In ‘Biker Boyz’, starring Laurence Fishburne, she plays Allison in a movie about African-American white-collar workers whose hobby revolves around a motorcycle club. She was also in ‘Chasing Papi’ in a very small role, the film stars Sofia Vergara, Roselyn Sanchez and Eduardo Verástegui. It’s a story about three women who fall for a ladies man. Both films took place in 2003, at the beginning of her career. She’s also been a part of more honorable films such as ‘War’ from 2007 where she played Maria, the wife of a Triad boss, a butt kicking movie with Jason Statman and Jet Lee. Now she will be able to add ‘Flight’ to her growing success. Even though here she doesn’t have much of a speaking or even acting role, she is a key element to the film, not only because she gives it a shocking element at the beginning, but also because she gives the film steady ground to walk on all the way until the end.

Besides her TV series, we can see her in a couple of upcoming movie roles in ‘Snitch’ as Analisa with Dwayne Johnson and Susan Sarandon; a story about a father who works for the DEA and tries to free his son who was put in jail after being wrongly accused. She will also be a part of ‘Aztec Warrior’ as Lisa, a movie by Scott Sanders starring Velazquez, Terry Crews and Luis Guzmán, along with some other Latino thespians. Both films will be out in 2013. We are definitely looking forward to seeing these movies, as well as everything else this Puerto Rican actress has to offer, because from the looks of it, ‘Flight’ will certainly open up doors for her in Hollywood.

Enjoy here a clip of the actress talking about her character in ‘The League’

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