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‘Terminator 5’ will be rated R

'Terminator 5' will be rated R

If Terminator 5 shooting was the wise decision is to be rated R and actually will be. The fifth installment of the Terminator, will have an R rating in the words of Megan Ellison, owner and president of Annapurna Pictures studio, which owns the rights to the series.

The first three “Terminator” were all rated R, but then the director McG for “Terminator Salvation”, decided it would be better to lower the rating to PG-13 with the hope that the franchise could be seen by a wider audience with the hope that it would result in higher gross income.

The ace up the sleeve of this fifth installment will undoubtedly be the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the franchise. Is he the Terminator? What character would play? All in good time boys.

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