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The Best 5 Ads Of The 2014 World Cup!

Last week, the 2014 FIFA World Cup — the biggest event in the world — finally kicked off with its first game between Brazil and Croatia. Four for years, teams and fans have been preparing for their one moment to prove themselves worthy of the golden cup, and brands all around the world are making sure that they ride that wave soccer passion. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “the top 20 World Cup 2014 ads have so far attracted 6.9 million shares across social media — 31.4 percent more than the top 20 ads from Super Bowl 2014 (4.7 million).”

It’s obvious that ads are just as important as the matches themselves and that’s why I’ve chosen the 5 best commercials of this year’s World Cup: 

5. Beats by Dre, “The Game Before The Game”

Beats makes its soccer mark with their first-ever World Cup spot which promotes its revamped Solo2 headphones. The ad takes us into a place that no fanatic is allowed – the private before-the-game rituals of various  soccer stars. It gets even more intimate with Brazil’s #10, Neymar, when we are able to witness an emotional and uplifting talk between him and his dad. The commercial also shows how fans (including a couple of famous faces) from different cultures get ready to represent and support their country’s team.  Although the commercial is very successful, five minutes feels too drawn out and should have been cut at at least 4 minutes.

4. Nike, “The Last Game”

Nike’s “The Last Game” is an upbeat and animated commercial that makes it clear that taking risks is the only way to go in the 2014 World Cup. The commercial emphasizes that winning is not about having plan and a formula, instead, it’s about skills, being unpredictable, loving what you do and of course having fun. The ad features Brazil’s Neymar and David Luis, Portugal’s Christiano Ronaldo, England’s Wayne Rooney and Spain’s Andres Iniesta.

3. Puma, “El Fantasma del 50 ya está en Brasil”

One of the most hilarious and daring commercials has been Puma’s “El Fantasma del 50 Ya Está en Brasil” (The Ghost of The 50’s is Now In Brazil) which aims to bring a past rivalry to 2014. Back in 1950 Uruguay beat Brazil for the title at the Maracana stadium. This event is remembered as “Maracanazo” and Puma, brand providing Uruguay’s uniforms, took the chance to make light of the situation by having the Ghost of the 50’s go around scaring the people of Brazil.

2. Banco de Chile, “Comercial Mineros – Apoyo Selección Camino Al Mundial 2014”

The world cup is already one of those games that evokes extreme passion and solidarity for one’s country, but Banco de Chile manages to intensify those emotions with one simple spot called: “Supporting The [Chilean] Team On Its Way to The World Cup.” The commercial pulls at the heart strings by drawing a parallel between the famed 33 Chilean miners overcoming death in 2010 after being stuck underground for 69 days, and the Chilean team being placed in group B with Spain, the Netherlands, and Australia – which according to Business Insider is considered  “the group of death.” “Death doesn’t matter to us because we have defeated it before,” Mario Sepulveda, the man who became the public face of the miners, shouts in the ad. Prepare to shed a tear, and even perhaps to cheer for Chile after watching the clip.

1. McDonald’s “Gol”

This IS the best 2014 World Cup ad hands down. One of the reasons this TV spot has become so popular is because there are zero mentions of sodas, burgers or fries and rather it gets to essence of soccer: the fact that it can be played, enjoyed and lived by everyone and anyone no matter how old or young you are. The commercial let’s soccer take center stage and shine rather than the McDonald’s brand itself or big soccer stars. The commercial features Argentine model Fiorella Castillo dribbling the ball in the highest of heels and 10-year-old YouTube star Ciaran Duffy, named the “Irish Messi” for his impressive soccer tricks.

Which one is your favorite 2014 World Cup ad thus far? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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