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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is #1

'The Dark Knight Rises' is #1

The Dark Knight Rises’ continues at number one with $64.1 million dollars, this is below the expectations and is less than ‘The Dark Knight’ had earned at the same point. Unfortunately, because of the current events in Colorado and with the London Olympics 2012 it’s had a rough time and about a 60 percent drop since its opening day.

Ice Age: Continental Drift’ remains at number two with $13.3 million dollars, giving it the lowest domestic total of any of the ‘Ice Age’ films of $114.8 million dollars. This is not to say that Fox is unsatisfied as surely this one will stay in the top 10 for a while longer.

Fox’s comedy ‘The Watch’ premiered at number three with $13 million dollars, the poorly scripted film had very few interested. The set backs the film had in pre-production with changing the original title of ‘Neighborhood Watch’, as well as its advertising technique had nothing to do with the sum it earned, as critics have agreed it’s not worth watching.

The Top 10 in the Box Office are:

1. The Dark Knight Rises – $64.1 mil

2. Ice Age: Continental Drift – $13.3 mil

3. The Watch – $13 mil

4. Step Up Revolution – $11.8 mil

5. Ted – $7.4 mil

6. The Amazing Spider-Man – $6.8 mil

7. Brave – $4.2 mil

8. Magic Mike – $2.6 mil

9. Savages – $1.8 mil

10. Moonrise Kingdom – $1.4 mil 

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