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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Still on Top

'The Dark Knight Rises' Still on Top

The Dark Knight Rises’ is still king of the box office at number 1 with $36.4 million dollars, with a domestic total of $354.6 million dollars and a grand total of $733 million dollars worldwide. It’s doubtful that it will reach ‘The Dark Knight’ total neither domestically nor worldwide, which were $533.3 million dollars and $1.002 billion dollars respectably.

Len Wiseman’s remake of ‘Total Recall’ premiered at number two with $26 million dollars far from the amount it took to make which was around $140 million dollars, making it a big flop. This isn’t surprising since the main star Colin Farrell has been part of box office failures for most of his career; this one adds one more to his list.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days’ the third one of the ‘Wimpy Kid’ series opened at number 3 with $14.7 million dollars, the lowest debut for the film franchise. Since Fox spent only $22 million dollars on it, this won’t affect the studio much.

The Top 10 in the Box Office are:

1. The Dark Knight Rises – $36.4 mil

2. Total Recall – $26 mil

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days – $14.7 mil

4. Ice Age: Continental Drift – $8.4 mil

5. The Watch – $6.4 mil

6. Ted – $5.5 mil

7. Step Up Revolution – $5.3 mil

8. The Amazing Spider-Man – $4.3 mil

9. Brave – $2.9 mil

10. Magic Mike – $1.4 mil    

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