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The Devil Inside

Though The Devil Inside received some disfavorable reviews, the Blue-Ray/DVD release event made it a real thriller.  This event took place at the Linda Vista Community Hospital, located in the heart of East Los Angeles, and notoriously known for being haunted.

The simple rumor that this old historical building is a home to inauspicious paranormal activity, which sends, chills down your spine. This eerie experience began with a few minutes of the hospital’s history and a tour around the creepiest rooms in the structure. The most impressionable room was the basement or better known as “the boiler room.” Not only was the basement a room for boilers, but also where bodies were desecrated.  The moment one enters the room, there is an immediate chilling breeze and the smell of mold.  Observing from the middle of the room, you will be able to notice particles of left over ashes from bodies previously cremated. Chilling, right?

The last portion of the tour was a scene from the film “The Devil Inside“. The scene was a female in a state of possession and showing obvious symptoms of demons dwelling inside. Her body contorted in a manner not any particular person can maneuver, bones moving out of place, but not broken, and just seeing someone’s body bend abnormally screams paranormal.

Susan Crowley, who played Maria Rossi in the film, explained she had to put herself in a state of mind to be able to play the character of a possessed woman. That even as an actress, and knowing reality from fiction, it still takes its toll on you.

Even though you might be a skeptic to such things, one can’t help to think of the possibility something unexplainable is lingering around you, which is the same possibility to being possessed by demons. Therefore, introducing the question, “Is there a Devil Inside?”

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