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The Haunting in Connecticut

Rating: 1.5

Rated: PG-13 for some intense sequences of terror and disturbing images.
Release Date: 2009-03-27
Starring: Adam Simon, Tim Metcalfe
Film Genre:
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The Haunting in Connecticut is a tedious and pedestrian film that gives ghost stories a bad name. Director Peter Cornwell‘s film is so bereft of substance that when it comes to generating atmosphere and scares, an inordinate abundance of “frightful” moments are needed to keep viewers attentive. Assessing the film’s capacity for entertainment,  ‘The Haunting in Connecticut’ is a tough task to like.

The film relies on the “based on a true story” crutch, which is a good indication that the movie is in trouble. This story focuses on a family forced to relocate near a clinic where their teenage son was being treated for cancer. The family begins experiencing violent, supernatural events that the parents first blame on stress from the illness, but they later discover that their new home is a former mortuary with a dark past.

Perhaps most vexing is the script’s directives of having the protagonists go back to their separate beds and try to sleep amongst all the specters and spooky occurrences that are happening in their new quarters. Have any of the filmmakers ever heard of rational when it comes to writing these horror movies? Besides that, the ‘mystery’ is void of mystery, flashback sequences are laughable and the special effects for the ectoplasm are sad. Follow that with some over-the-top acting and unintentionally hilarious dialogue and you have yourself a monumental failure.

It’s hard to imagine horror fans will like this. It’s poorly made and badly written. Nevertheless, it does offer some suspenseful moments, but never enough to justify the price of admission. The PG-13 rating assures that nothing overtly gruesome or shocking is shown. Everything is sanitized so younger viewers can gaze upon it without going blind.

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