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RT @TheSource: Justin Bieber Announces Music Hiatus to Focus on Mental Health

‘The Highly Relevant Podcast’: Jessica Lucas on ‘Gotham’ and ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Fate of the Furious’ Movie Review

Thank you for downloading episode 28 of the Highly Relevant podcast. On today’s episode, we welcome GOTHAM’s Jessica Lucas who plays the villain Tigress and she discuss her thoughts on women in superhero movies plus working with Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez. Plus, my review of the highly anticipated Fate of the Furious and a recap of all the top music, tv and movie news you’ve missed this week!


Jack discusses how television sets are becoming obsolete: :49

Gotham’s Jessica Lucas: 3:13
– First time viewers to GOTHAM. Will they like it? 3:40
– Diversity and how that dynamic has played out in the show: 5:02
– Are female superheroes oversexualized? 5:42
– Thoughts on upcoming Wonder Woman movie: 6:23
– Working with Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez in Evil Dead: 6:53

JackedIN 8:49

What I’m listening to this week 10:28
– Vicio – Camilo Septimo
– Turn Out The Light – Cris Cab (feat. J Balvin)
– Cama de Calvos – Teleradio Donoso

Movie review of ‘Fate of the Furious’: 11:18

TODAY Show/Ricky Martin: 12:26

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