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‘The Hunger Games’ reaches $302 million at the box office!

'The Hunger Games' reaches $302 million at the box office!

The Hunger Games’ not only continues to hold the number one spot in the box office with $33.5 million dollars, but it has reached the outstanding amount of $302 million total (in the U.S., it is almost at $460 mil world-wide) in just three weeks. Despite of the tough contenders it had, it keeps holding on strongly.

The fourth installment of the American Pie franchise ‘American Reunion,’ took the second spot in the box office with $21.5 million dollars. It seems like many of its’ loyal followers decided to check out what this last slice of pie had to offer.

Another blast from the past ‘Titanic 3D’ shows up in third place with $17.4 million dollars. James Cameron continues to show that his work is hard to top; he was capable of re-making a film from 1997 flawlessly into 3D and it almost already made up for the $18 million dollars it took to convert it.

The Top 10 in the Box Office are:

1.The Hunger Games – $33.5 mil

2. American Reunion – $21.5 mil

3. Titanic 3D – $17.4 mil

4. Wrath of the Titans – $15 mil

5. Mirror, Mirror – $11 mil

6. Jump Street – $10.2 mil

7. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax – $5 mil

8. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – $ 975 Thousand

9. John Carter – $ 820 Thousand

10. Safe House – $581 Thousand

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