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Here's a look at all the new movies releasing this week in theaters along with their trailers!

‘The Last Exorcism’ is #1 at the box office

'The Last Exorcism' is #1 at the box office

We still don’t think that The Last Exorcism is all that great, but it managed to attract horror hungry audiences to the box office – Lionsgate, I’d love to know how many Hispanics went this opening weekend; they over-index on horror films more than any other demographic.

Nevertheless, the recycled horror plots of the low-budget horror The Last Exorcism sneaked in with $21.3 million, with Takers on $21 million, but that could all change when the final figures actually arrive tomorrow. Still, given that the horror only cost $1.8 million to make, it’s already a success.

The only other new entry wasn’t really new at all, except for eight minutes of fresh footage, but Avatar’s limited re-release only managed to arrive in 12th place. Considering it’s already out on DVD, it’s not a small achievement.

In third place we find The Expendables with $9.5 million, just ahead of Eat Pray Love, which made $7 million. And bringing up the rear in the top five, The Other Guys, which clung on to its spot with $6.6 million and is about to crack $100 million.

The rest of the chart is below:

1. “The Last Exorcism”, 21,3 million dollars
2. “Takers”, 21 million dollars
3. “The Expendables”, 9,5 million dollars
4. “Eat Pray Love”, 7 million dollars
5. “The Other Guys”, 6,6 million dollars
6. “Vampires Suck”, 5,3 million dollars
7. “Inception”, 5,1 million dollars
8. “Nanny McPhee Returns”, 4,74 million dollars
9. “The Switch”, 4,7 million dollars
10. “Piranha 3D”, 4,3 million dollars

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