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‘The Possession’ holds on to #1

'The Possession' holds on to #1

This was a very weak weekend for the box office, the worst since September 2008. With that said, ‘The Possession’ was number one once again with $9.5 million dollars. This horror film is enjoying its second week in a row on top, but it surely will get bumped down a couple of spots next weekend.

Lawless’ holds its position at number two with $6 million dollars. The film staring Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy followed by other big names, has tried its best to earn more at the box office; but it seems like it won’t reach its goal.

Zoe Saldaña and Bradley Cooper’s ‘The Words’ opened at number three with $5 million dollars. The amount the film gathered doesn’t cover the cost of production yet, which was $6 million dollars. Surprisingly the duo didn’t have much pull at the box office.


The Top 10 Movies in the Box Office are:

1. The Possession – $9.5 mil

2. Lawless – $6 mil

3. The Words – $5 mil

4. The Expendables 2 – $4.8 mil

5. The Bourne Legacy – $4 mil

6. ParaNorman – $3.8 mil

7. The Odd Life of Timothy Green – $3.7 mil

8. The Campaign – $3.5 mil

9. The Dark Knight Rises – $3.3 mil

10. 2016: Obama’s America – $3.3 mil

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