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‘The Spirit’ is a total disaster at the box office

'The Spirit' is a total disaster at the box office

Things have not gone as Frank Miller had hoped for. The Spirit only managed to collect $6,510,000 from Friday to Monday and $3,842,000 on Christmas day. That is considered a calamitous result for a big budget film over this holiday weekend.This is also bad news for the actors associated with it like Eva Mendes and Gabriel Macht.

I scoured the internet and found a few quotes summarizing this abysmal outcome: says:

“We can only hope that this poor opening – and presumed subsequent disappointing box office, as I can’t see this movie suddenly becoming a hit based on word of mouth – means that TPTB will rethink their plan to let Miller recreate Buck Rogers for a new generation.” says:

“Frank Miller’s interpretation of Will Eisner’s classic character met with horrified reviews from those familiar with the source material and poor reviews from everyone else.  Spirit is considered the second straight misfire for Lionsgate, which also flopped with Punisher War Zone at the beginning of the month”. says:

“Frank Miller’s film adaptation of Will Eisner’s The Spirit was soundly pummeled by ‘Marley and Me.’ Perhaps it’s a mixed blessing: if recent superhero movie performances are an indicator of audience taste, maybe the superhero movie fad is finally over; no longer will studios be able to churn-out cookie-cutter crap with a cape and expect big box office returns. Only time will prove either theory true. If The Spirit is a good film, it may have been overlooked in the wake of the superhero fad’s death; it may (also) have been overcome by bigger box-office star-power; or it could just be a bad flick. Only time will tell.”

Let’s see if Frank Miller gets a big budget for Buck Rogers now. Only time will tell.

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