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This Is Not A Joke. ‘Condorito: The Movie’ Is Actually Being Released And We Can’t Wait For It!

I can’t believe this movie is actually going to be released. When I lived in Colombia as a kid, I used get sick a lot and one of the most satisfying things I used to ask my Aunt Doris to bring me to the hospital to make me feel better were Condorito comics. Those PLOP! moments were everything for me. I would laugh so much from the drawings, the charatcters, the dialogue, it was all so funny to me. Hopefully this movie is just as hilarious as I remember them as a kid.

Synopisis: One of the most famous birds in Latin America comes to the big screen this January 12, 2018 in Condorito: The Movie. The beloved condor and his friends, from the beloved Yayita (Jessica Cediel), the strong and eternal rival Pepe Cortisona (Cristian de la Fuente), and his tender and intelligent nephew Chicky. In this story full of adventures and laughter, Condorito (Omar Chaparro) is ready to settle down with Yayita, but his mother-in-law Tremebunda (Coco Legrand) does not agree, until a hideous alien king kidnaps her. Condorito and his nephew embark on an adventure out of this world, literally, to save the mother-in-law, as well as the planet. Condorito: La Película, is the perfect movie for fans of the most famous Spanish-speaking Condor, to be enjoyed by the new generation, one PLOP! at a time.

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