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This Is The Hot New Hispanic Girl Band You Need To Know About!

Hinds is a four girl rock band from Spain who love to sing Bob Dylan songs in English. Carlotta Cosials, Ana Perrote, Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen were formed in 2011 already having an album and two singles under their belt. They began strumming and singing Dylan tunes at the beach never really taking serious the idea of creating a band. Now after an album and two singles under their belt, they’re making a serious name for themselves and are currently touring in Europe and coming to the US in March.

But what is it about these girls that are filling out clubs and venues wherever they go? At the top of the list is that they’re breaking all conventional molds of what a Hispanic girl band should be. They sing rock, not pop. They sing only in English, not Spanish. They live the lifestyle of true rock stars, not Park Avenue queens. Their videos have that 60’s cinematic euro-rock feel, unlike the dribbling cheese you see coming out of today’s artists. This allows them not to cater to a single demographic, but to a global community. Perhaps without even knowing, they’re breaking down cultural and language segmentations of what a Hispanic artist is supposed to be. I’m sure they are a music label’s marketing quagmire, but Hinds is the evolution of the Hispanic girl band. They feel straight out of Jefferson Airplane meets a female version of The Ramones.

Hinds‘ first album, Leave Me Alone, has an unpolished sound which is part of its charm. They’re a throwback to 60’s rock where anyone with a guitar and beer in their hand, sang songs without giving a rats ass how they sounded. In more contemporary times, you can compare their music to that of The Runaways (their story was brought to the big screen with Kristen Stewart starring) , hard hitting, gritty rock with some hallucinating arrangements that could take you to cloud 9.

Hinds on Spotify

One of their videos, Chili Town, seems like a youthful rock fun. Actually, most of their videos look like a camera happened to show at one of their hangouts.

In a recent article in Rolling Stone, member Ana García Perrote hinted a peek at what their concerts are like – “Our audiences used to be more shy, but now people know that if you go to a Hinds show, you can get as drunk as you want, and dance as much as you want, and you can even go onstage. You can just feel free for an hour.” Sounds like a typical night at the legendary, now defunct, CBGB’s in New York City.

I for one am excited for the future of Hinds and the influences they are about to set forth on the US Hispanic music scene.

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