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Trailer Breakdown: ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Official Trailer

The official Star Wars: The Last Jedi is out. Needless to say, I was going ten miles over the speed limit to get home and watch it live. Here is my breakdown…. Also, spoiler alert for those who have not seen The Force Awakens.

The Trailer opens with a brooding Kylo Ren (played by Adam Driver) overseeing the construction of the First Order’s deadly new weapons, and possibly still sulking over the fact that he killed his dad (SHAME ON YOU!). We also hear a voice (possibly Supreme Leader Snoke) say “ When I found you”.

Cut to the wannabe AT-ATs possibly attacking the Resistance base on Crait. Also, We see Kylo Ren’s shuttle flying over head. We also continue to hear Snoke say “Raw, untrained power”…. For those of you who don’t know, Villains in Star Wars LOVE saying “power” dramatically.

Now we see a potentially unmasked Kylo Ren with a platoon of stormtroopers invading the Resistance Base. Does anyone also get MAJOR Revenge of the Sith vibes from this? I mean, I get Kylo wants to be like Vader, but I think that this is a little too much.

Ok, so this shot is actually really interesting to me. We have Kylo’s lightsaber, in a red room, with what I think are Snoke’s red guards ( Not the same as the ones we saw in Return of the Jedi with the Emperor). The question is, what is going on? Is Kylo there for a reprimand because of the destruction of Starkiller Base? Or because he failed to bring Rey to him? Or is he going to have to fight the guards to prove himself? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

OH YES! REY JUST ACTIVATED THE LIGHTSABER! Last time she did that, she kicked some butt. I honestly cannot wait to see the things she is gonna do with the lightsaber once she knows how to actually use it.

So the ending of Force Awakens, but from a different angle.

Did it anyone else get misty when Luke held the lightsaber or was it just me?

* Insert Force theme and tears*

Ok, so here we see Rey heading to a tree shaped object. There has been a A LOT of speculation about this tree . Some say it is like the Cave of Evil that Yoda used to train Luke in Empire Strikes Back, but others say that it is the conduit in which the Force flows. Though we ALL the Force is in all living things, even though only some can feel it.

Here we see a bunch of books (This is actually the first time that we actually see books in the Star Wars universes, and I want a subplot on how Luke found them) which have been speculated to be the Journal of the Whills, which were mentioned in Rogue One and were part of the original Star Wars title.

Well, at least we know that it is VERY unwise to mess with a lighter wielding Rey.

Rey is clearly more powerful in the Force then we were initially lead to believe is she can cause that kind of reaction from Luke who has been through Vader, the Emperor, and Kylo Ren.

Are we finally going to see what happened with Kylo Ren and Luke? More specifically, when Kylo turned to the Dark Side and attacked the Jedi? I hope so. Maybe it will shed some light on why Luke is so hesitant to train Rey.

Ah yes, the classic Kylo Ren temper tantrum…. At lease he’s done with that ridiculous mask. Because he is no Darth Vader.

Watch the full length trailer! 👆🏻

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