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TV Review: ABC’s ‘The Bachelor: The Countdown to Juan Pablo’

This season, ABC’s “The Bachelor” has a Latin twist up its sleeve that is guaranteed to make women all over the United States swoon. Get prepared to go on a love journey with the same guy who got the boot on season 9 of “The Bachelorette,” The Venezuelan Juan Pablo Galvis.

The show premiered on Sunday with part one of a two night special starting with “The Countdown to Juan Pablo” which gave us a behind-the-scenes look at some of the contenders in their casting videos and interviews, as well as a look into the life of the bachelor himself.

Needless to say things got very interesting as some of the ladies showed their musical aptitudes – some singing and playing instruments, while others showed more quirky talents like shoving their fist into their mouths, laying legs wide open in a Jacuzzi while holding a huge glass of wine, or how about the one that confessed to having lost her virginity just two weeks before her interview.

What people will do for “love” huh?

Tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC, we get to see the 27 ladies who range from a free spirit hippie, a first grade teacher, a pregnant woman, a marketing manager among others;  all women who will not only be competing for his heart, but also to win over the love his beautiful 5-year-old daughter Camila.

From what I can see in the previews this show not only offers, hot bikini bods and exotic locations, but all the drama that we’ve been craving since the last season ended. There will be cat fights, back stabbing, break downs, as well as very emotional heartfelt moments provided not only by the bonds created by the contestants and Juan Pablo, but also by his affection for his daughter.

After a look at the ladies we finally get to learn more about our “first Latino Bachelor” and his family.

Galavis was born in Ithaca, N.Y. When he was two he and his family moved to Venezuela. He came back to the states to play college soccer for Wesleyan and then played for Miami FC. In 2008, he retired from soccer to be Miami with his girlfriend at the time, actress Carla Rodriguez who was pregnant with his daughter Camila. He is now a consultant a sports and entertainment consultant.

Before sending him off, his family gathered around a table full of Venezuelan food prepared by his mom Nelly. Galavis mentioned that he will be cooking some typical food for the ladies and that they better love it if not they will be cut.

His cousins also expect for the girl he brings home to know Spanish, which shouldn’t be a problem because many of the participants have actually been learning a bit.

Galavis has also been doing some brushing up of his own. “I’ve been practicing my English,” he said. “Everything is better pronounced. I’ve been speaking slower so you can understand me at home.”

After the big meal, Galavis and his father Saul sat for an emotional one-on-one. “I think more important is Camila,” he told his son. “Camila… that will be all your life part of you… I’m proud of you … I wish you the best; remember always that we are here.” Then Galavis tearing got up, hugged his dad and gave him a kiss on the cheek (a common gesture among Latino families).

The preview was just a bit of a tease and I think it definitely worked to get faithful audiences more excited and new viewers hooked. Just judging from “the countdown” I can tell that this will be great season for “The Bachelor” simply because Juan Pablo not only has women and even men fainting, but because he is causing so much controversy about being Latino but looking white. If I were you, I would definitely get pumped for “Juan-uary” because it will surely be the spiciest season to date!

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