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‘Skyfall’: Javier Bardem Discusses Being First Hispanic Villain In James Bond Movie

With the premiere of ‘Skyfall‘ three weeks away, the twenty-third James Bond film celebrating its 50 years of existence, Columbia Pictures began there promotional tour in New York City where I had a chance to sit with the lead cast, including Spanish actor and Oscar winner Javier Bardem to discuss what else – BOND!

We were the only outlet to speak to Bardem in Spanish (due to a poll I had on my Facebook page of what language our users wanted us to interview him in). He plays Raoul Silva, the main villain of the movie, but whose real name is Rodriguez.

Regarding his character, Bardem confessed that he created Silva with director Sam Mendes, based on what was in the script: “He gave me good ideas, one of which was to create discomfort to the opponent. Thus we began to build the look, the appearance, how to relate to people. It was a very creative, fun, where we sat down together,” he added.

Furthermore, and in addition to providing an excellent explanation of why he hates seeing himself in the movies, he revealed that he would like to be in a Broadway play, but acknowledged that those “are big words.” “I have so much respect for the theater and am very scared. I know it must be a distinct pleasure which involves a different technique which I’m not used, so I admire the actors who get onstage,” he concluded.

I also talked to him about how it feels to be the first Hispanic actor to play the central villain of a 007 movie. If you know Spanish, enjoy below one of the few video interviews Javier Bardem gave the press in Spanish for Skyfall.

The Latin American website posted the interview originally. 

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