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How The Rise Of The YouTube Viral Star Happened

As technology becomes more accessible and user-friendly, it has caused a redefinition of stardom. Today, consumers have the power to decide what’s hot and what’s out all through simple mechanisms commonly referred to as: views, shares, likes and subscribing.  No longer do audiences have to wait for conglomerates to force feed us what we should like, as a matter of fact the relationship has experienced a power-shift and today, we tell companies who and what we want to see.

The power of the homemade video and YouTube, has been the biggest driving force behind this dynamic of consumerism, which backed by social media platforms, have launched what we now know as YouTube stars – everyday folk who have gained a significant following through their online videos.

According to Variety, one of YouTube’s biggest faces at the moment, Michelle Phan, has signed a contract with Endemol Beyond USA, the digital branch of TV production firm, Endemol. The company’s plan is to build out Phan’s “FAWN” multichannel network, which will feature lifestyle pieces, added the publication.

Of course Phan isn’t the only one or the first to have jumpstarted a career with the help of the popular video-sharing website, Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Jessica Lee Rose and Fred Figglehorn are just a few of these online-video stars. But exactly how have they managed to swim above the millions of other YouTube videos and claim the exclusive title of YouTube star?

Well, after looking through videos of some of the most successful vloggers, I found there are some key factors that most of them share, of course with each of them doing their own variation of it.

A One-On-One Experience: Intimacy

Each viral star sits in front of their camera and just has a conversation as if the camera were their best friend. This approach allows the viewer to feel like a part of the video and therefore connect with their vloggers on a deeper, even emotional level – they literally develop a friendship with them. For this factor they use: a cozy and warm location (living room couch or room), eye contact, an inviting tone of voice, an approachable friendly face, and excitement while speaking or passionate facial expressions while singing. Makeup and fashion vloggers also did routine videos – which allowed an inside look at the their personal daily routines.

Caring Is Uploading 

There is nothing worst than a friend you can’t rely on, so each of these vloggers cultivates the relationship they have gained with their fans through a constant flow of videos. Many of them even schedule their releases to keep followers excited and looking forward to new segments just like as if they were weekly TV shows.

Listen And Give 

Many of the videos begin with a line similar to: “This is a request …” Phan and Bethany Mota – a fashion, beauty and DIY vlogger – told that they choose their next video based on what their viewers ask for. They also do giveaways of things they love deeply. For one of her video’s Missglamorazzi gave away one of her own designer totes to one of her 2.5 million subscribers in return for helping her raise money for cancer research.

Be You: Relatable Subjects And Flaws

The last, and probably most important factor for a successful vlogger was the “be true to who you are” factor. These videos are imperfect and mimic a carefree conversation – edited in a choppy way, with an inconsistent train of though at times. They also show the star’s true voice whether it’s sarcastic and rant like, soft spoken and slow, to anything in between, the key is that it’s genuine. And finally the vloggers speak about general interest subjects that each of them has a deep interest in.

What are your thought about the rise of the YouTube star, and do you know another key factor that makes them successful? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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