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Watch First Trailers Of Netflix’s Hispanic Shows ‘Narcos’ & ‘Club De Cuervos’

This week, Netflix premiered two trailers of their new shows – Narcos and Club De Cuervos – targeted at reaching the ever so influential and powerful Hispanic audience. The question is will they work. Interestingly, one of them, Club de Cuervos, is their first original series spoken in Spanish, while the other, Narcos, is spoken in English. Both have Latin themes that attract an almost fanatical attention from Hispanics – soccer and drug cartels.

With Hispanic Americans clearly adopting the American culture and it’s English language more and more each day, it’s smart on Netflix’s part to cater to both parties. I do think that the mindset here is to target, specifically, the largest majority of Latinos in the US, the Mexican population. Cuervos deals with a Mexican soccer team and Narcos, though parcels its storyline with Colombian cartels, it’s Mexico who is and has been in control of the cartel headlines for decades now. Club De Cuervos premieres August 7th with 13 episodes while Narcos premieres August 28 at 12:01am with 10 episodes.

Watch ‘Narcos’ above and ‘Club de Cuervos’ below:

Club de Cuervos official synopsis: Starting August 7th, 13 episodes appearing on Netflix, this show focuses on the patriarch of the prominent Mexican soccer team. When he dies, his heirs engage in an outrageous battle to determine who will gain control of his beloved professional soccer team: The Cuervos of Nuevo Toledo. Balanced equally among comedy and drama, Club de Cuervos follows all the funny, sexy and dramatic action off the field and in the locker rooms. Egos, tempers, insults and soccer balls fly as the party boy brother, the work obsessed sister, a (possibly) pregnant girlfriend, the beleaguered team captain and everyone else in between all enter the pitch, all vying to score a personal goal. Club de Cuervos stars Luis Gerardo Méndez as Chava Iglesias and Mariana Trevino, as Isabel Iglesias Reina and features Stephanie Cayo, Ianis Guerrero, Antonio de la Vega and Daniel Gimenez Cacho, as “Felix”.

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