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@AlitaMovie's Rosa Salazar talks to us on why she felt no pressure once she got the call for Alita, and explains w…

This Week In Movies… ‘Straight Outta Compton,’ ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’



Z For Zachariah (PG-13, 1hr 35m, Action/Adventure & Drama)
Director: Craig Zobel
Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Margot Robbie, Chris Pine
Synopsis: Based on Robert C. O’Brien’s sci-fi novel from 1974, Z for Zachariah follows the life of Ann Burden (Margot Robbie) in the wake of a nuclear apocalypse that has devastated life on earth. In her mysterious countryside dwelling, crops continue to grow and she has built a sustainable, albeit lonely, lifestyle. Her new reality is disturbed when a mysterious, radiation-suit-clad scientist (Chiwetel Ejiofor) stumbles upon her peaceful property. Believing she was the only person left on earth, Ann is hesitant to welcome him in, but the two eventual begin an intimate relationship. Their newfound life together is challenged with the appearance of another man, Caleb (Chris Pine), creating a deadly love triangle in this post-apocalyptic tale of human relationship.

War Room (PG, 2hrs, Drama)
Director: Alex Kendrick
Cast: Priscilla Shirer, T.C. Stallings, Karen Abercrombie.
Synopsis: Tony and Elizabeth Jordan have it all—great jobs, a beautiful daughter, and their dream house. But appearances can be deceiving. Tony and Elizabeth Jordan’s world is actually crumbling under the strain of a failing marriage.

Turbo Kid (Unrated, 1hr 33m, Action/Adventure & Comedy)
Directors: Francis Simard
Cast: Munro Chambers, Laurence Leboeuf, Michael Ironside, Edwin Wright, Aaron Jeffrey
Synopsis: In a ruined post-apocalyptic world, the orphaned Kid survives on his own. When his new best friend Apple is kidnapped by a minion of evil overlord Zeus, the Kid summons the courage of his comic book hero and prepares to deliver turbocharged justice.

The Second Mother (Unrated, 1hr 54m, Drama)
Director: Anna Muylaert
Cast: Regina Case, Michael Joelsas, Helena Albergaria, Lourenco Mutarelli
Synopsis: In this mordant and precisely observed drama, upper and lower classes clash in São Paulo when the estranged adult daughter of a live-in maid (Regina Casé) comes to visit her mother’s wealthy employers.

Queen of Earth (Unrated, 1hr 30m, Drama)
Director: Alex Ross Perry
Cast: Elisabeth Moss, Katherine Waterston, Kentucker Audley, Patrick Fugit, Keith Poulson
Synopsis: Catherine has entered a dark period in her life: her father has recently died, and on the heels of his death she’s dumped by her boyfriend. Catherine heads out to her friend’s lake house for relaxation. However, relaxation proves impossible to find.

Memories of the Sword (Unrated, 2hr 1m, Action/Adventure & Drama)
Director: Heung-Sik Park
Cast: Lee Byung-Hun
Synopsis: As the greed and excess of a corrupt Monarchy threatens to destroy the once-glorious Goryeo Dynasty, three legendary warriors lead a revolt to overthrow the empire and save its people.


We Are Your Friends (R, 1hr 36m, Drama)
Director: Max Joseph
Cast: Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski, Wes Bentley, Jon Abrahams, Jon Bernthal
Synopsis: Max Joseph’s first film is a romantic drama based around one young DJ’s dreams to make it big in the electronic dance music genre. Cole (Zac Efron), who dreams about becoming a big player in the music industry, meets James (Wes Bentley), a more established disc jockey who takes him under his wing. After some time, Cole begins to develop feelings for Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski), who is dating James. Eventually, Cole must make some hard choices about his career as he moves close to Sophie, causing a fracture in the relationship between James and himself.

No Escape (R, 1hr 41m, Suspense/Thriller)
Director: John Erick Dowdle
Cast: Lake Bell, Pierce Brosnan, Owen Wilson
Synopsis: This intense thriller centers on an American businessman (Owen Wilson) as he and his family settle into their new home in Southeast Asia. Suddenly they find themselves in the middle of a political uprising. In fear of danger, the family frantically look for a safe escape in an environment where foreigners are being immediately executed.

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