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This Week In Music: 5 Killer Recently Released Albums!

Oh yes, new music is the name of this game and this week in music we discuss five, yes FIVE, killer recently released albums! From 80s synth-pop to country-with-a-twist, these five new records should satisfy any eclectic taste.

5. “World Peace Is None Of Your Business” – Morrissey

If there was ever one thing to love about the 80s British rock band, The Smiths, it was the uniquely manly, dark and dramatic voice of lead singer, Steven Patrick Morrissey. The singer has had a solo career since 1987 when the band split, but since 2009, fans haven’t heard a full album…till now! If you’re looking for a moody, gothic-pop soundtrack for a gloomy day, “World Peace Is None Of Your Business” is the way to go. The album is very political in essence, and begs for listeners to make a change. The album is great, but this now being his 10th album, it offers no surprises in terms of  at least experimenting with different sounds.

Grade: B

4. “No Fools, No Fun” – Puss N Boots

“No Fools, No Fun” might be a bit of an acquired taste, but you’ve got to at least give it a try! This alternative-country band is made up of three bad ass women – Jazz singer and composer, Sasha Dobson; former bassists for Ryan Adamas & The Cardinals, Catherine Popper; and singer-songwriter Norah Jones. The album is basically a chillout session where all three musicians talk about whatever dirty, funny and nonchalant topic they please. The albums also features covers of tunes by Neil Young (“Down by the River”), Wilco (“Jesus, Etc.”) and Rodney Crowell (“Bull Rider”).

Grade: B

3. “Friends & Lovers” – Marsha Ambrosius

“Friends & lovers” is the sophomore album for this hidden British gem. Why she hasn’t been able to reach higher recognition is beyond me, her sultry voice alone should be making buzz in the RnB world, hopefully this album will catapult her. The singer is actually a ex-Floetry vocalist, the album feels like a very personal letter to love that feels real and passionate and thankfully skips all the corny clichés. This record also features a duet with Dr. Dre.

Grade: B+

2. “Yes!”– Jason Mraz

“Yes!” is infectiously positive and a much needed pick me up for any Monday, and well for the rest of the workweek. The album is carries an acoustic, nearly earthy tune throughout with the addition of violins, mandolins, and sitars which make the tunes fresh. Over all the album is relaxing and romantic, but it needs that one upbeat sugar-pop tune that “Everything” didn’t quite get to become.

Grade: B+

1. “Strange Desire” – Bleachers

“Strange Desire” — the debut album of Jack Antonoff’s first solo project, Bleachers — takes you through a roller coaster ride of emotions as he mixes the glittery, fun and danceable synth-pop tunes of the 80s with a thematic of depression and self-healing. “”There was 9/11, my sister died (of brain cancer in 2002 at age 13) and my cousin died in the Iraq War (in 2003),” he told USA Today. “…It was an end to an age of innocence. I had PTSD and rarely left the house, and I disassociated from everyone for a long time. This album is about that and finding a way to move on, without leaving it behind.”

This album is my favorite of the week because of the daring clash of happiness and sorrow that in the end makes it so relatable to the listener and even inspirational.

Grade: A 

Are there any other new albums that came out this week which you think you should have it to our top 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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