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What exactly went down with Aubrey Plaza at MTVMA’s

What exactly went down with Aubrey Plaza at MTVMA's

Puerto Rican actress Aubrey Plaza at the MTV Movie Awards interrupted Will Ferrell in the middle of his acceptance speech for the Comedic Genius Award and tried to repeatedly take his golden popcorn as she held a drink in her hand. According to MTV, after the stage crash producers asked Plaza to leave the show.

A close-up of the actress on stage reveals that she had “The To Do List” written on her chest, that is the name of the new CBS Films’ comedy where the half Puerto Rican actress plays Brandy Clark, a high school girl whom after feeling the pressures of having to be sexually experienced before she goes off to college makes a to do list of things to accomplish before the fall.

While the media attempts to figure out if this spectacle was just a drunken impulse or a planned stunt masked by Plaza’s awkward style of humor one thing is for sure: the “Parks and Recreation” actress accomplished to promote her upcoming film, even though she seemed to regret the decision when she made her way back to her seat.

Like a true comedian, a while after the event Plaza took to Twitter to make light of the situation. “Thanks for the advice @kanyewest went better than planned!” she posted.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Plaza is set to receive CinemaCon’s “Breakthrough Performer” award this Thursday at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, managing director Mitch Neuhauser announced. This award will surely set the 28-year-old starlet apart in the comedy world and will be a major boost for her career. I for one cannot wait to see what she will do or say during her acceptance speech, maybe Ferrel will return the favor.

The New York University, Tisch School of the Arts graduate has come a long way from having various internships and doing sketch shows and improvisations at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, to playing April Ludgate on the hit TV show “Parks and Recreation.” Back in 2012 she also starred in her first major film, “Safety Not Guaranteed.”

Plaza is surely unique. She is one of the few female comedians in the game as well as one of the even fewer Latinas that are recognized in the field. Her deadpan-style of humor is more concerned with being funny and weird rather than stereotypical, which is a prominent trend among non-Caucasian performers.

Even after the Plaza’s weird spotlight moment at the award show I don’t think it will or should affect her CinemaCon award or career because if there is ever a time to act loopy or sloppy is the MTV Movie Awards if you don’t believe me just look back to Jim Carrey’s 1999 acceptance speech for Best Male Performance, I was 9-years-old and remember it till this day.

What do you think of Plaza’s speech crash and do you think it will affect her in any way?

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