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Why you need to see this ‘Septimo’ trailer!

The two biggest international Hispanic actors in the world, Ricardo Darín and Belén Rueda, unite for the very first time in Septimo, a new thriller by Spanish director Patxi Amezcua. We have the first trailer for you to see!

Any director, including a Hispanic one, will tell you that there is a dearth of A-list Hispanic talent in cinema today, so when one gets two of the biggest heavyweights like Amezcua just did, it’s news all over. Darín, a.k.a the Argentinian George Clooney, is considered the best actor in Latin America, and has already been a part of Oscar films such as The Secret in their Eyes and Son of the Bride and one of my all time favorite films – Nine Queens. Rueda to her credit, has been a part of three phenomenal Spanish films – The Orphanage (one of the best horror films I’ve seen), The Sea Inside (one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, period) and Julia’s Eyes, two of these produced by Guillermo del Toro. Both of them together is a rare glimpse at what real star power is in Hispanic cinema.

The film will release first in Argentina on September 5th, then in Spain on November 8th. No word on a US release date yet.

Official synopsis: A father. Two children. A game. Let’s see who gets to the street first from the seventh floor from where they live: is it the father in the elevator, or the kids down the stairs? The father reaches the lobby first, as always, but this time the children don’t. There is no sign of them. They have disappeared. From there, a father (Ricardo Darin) and and a mother (Belen Rueda) begin a frantic search to find their children. Where are they? What has happened? Why them? Amezcua’s debut film, 25 kilates [trailer, film focus], was one of the great surprises of 2009.

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