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Will Colombians push Oscar Isaac’s ‘Pablo Escobar’ film production out of town?

Guatemalan actor Oscar Isaac will play defunct Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar in a yet-to-be titled movie. No word on whether the film will be spoken in Spanish or English but we do know that Brad Furman, director of the very well received “The Lincoln Lawyer” will direct.

Filming is set to begin in September in Colombia and that spells trouble for the production. For any person who has set foot in that country, including myself of Colombian parents, we can tell you that Colombians want to erase that period from the history books. The country is trying to rebuild its image internationally and films about Escobar do not help their cause. They despise that US entertainment companies want to constantly exploit the subject bone dry. Do you think the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, is actually excited that Relativity Media is going down to shoot, of all things, an Escobar movie? I can only imagine what that conversation was like…

Relativity Media: “Mr. Santos, we would be honored to shoot a feature film in your country about Pablo Escobar. They’re will be action, sex, drugs, great Escobar one liner’s, figuratively and literally, and we might do it in English with our star Oscar Isaac giving it a Colombian accent. Good, huh?”

President Santos: “Wait… let me get this straight. This man slaughtered friends/acquaintances of mine, my family’s… we’re still trying to forget what happened and only now are we beginning to enjoy peace in our country, but you want to make us relive all that again during your production!?”

Relativity Media: “We mean no disrespect Señor Santos. But there’s a lot of money for your country in budget taxes if you can help us.”

President Santos: “Well in that case…”

From what is reporting, sounds like Santos’s staff most likely already sold out to Hollywood and Realtivity will have themselves an authentic looking film. My issue will now be addressed to Oscar Isaac. He doesn’t look like Escobar, he’s too short and from past interviews I’ve done with him, he seems uncomfortable talking about his Latino roots. Not sure he’s the perfect choice to do Escobar. Benicio del Toro showed he could have been a better selection for Escobar from what we saw in Oliver Stone’s “Savages”. Regardless, he’s shooting his own Escobar story in “Paradise Lost”.

Nevertheless, Isaac is a good actor and he’ll figure it out. But it won’t surprise me to hear some negative gossip coming out of Colombia regarding the shoot. I’ll keep my ears to the ground down there and report it right to you.

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