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Will Latinos flock to see new Steve Jobs movie – ‘JOBS’?

Will Latinos flock to see new Steve Jobs movie - 'JOBS'?

Open Road Films just announced that ‘JOBS’ a film about Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs will open April 19, 2013.

This year in April the company celebrates its 37 years of existence, something we’ve all have contributed to knowing what a big portion of all of us Latinos love and use Apple products. For anyone that has ever owned an Apple product or was even remotely curious about this iconic man’s life get ready to be introduced to everything that made him the face of technology.

Ashton Kutcher will star as Jobs himself in the film, which will explore the life of Steve Jobs from 1971 through 2001, it will show how a college dropout became one of the most idolized businessmen of the 20th century. The movie will manifest his influences as well as those he himself influenced; it will give the audience a private look into this man’s life. The script was written by Matthew Whitely and directed by Joshua Michael Stern. It also stars: Dermot Mulroney will play Mike Markkula, Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak, Lukas Haas as Daniel Kottke, J.K. Simmons as Arthur Rock and Matthew Modine as John Sculley.

The film will be shown this Friday at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. It has strived to be as real as possible and the filmmakers even used the garage that gave birth to the Apple Computer Company.

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