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Wonder Woman: Will this viral video work?

Wonder Woman: Will this viral video work?

Recently sites like YouTube and Vimeo have become useful for more than just finding the next Justin Bieber, now we might be able to find the next great film director. With a small budget and a lot of creativity, Directors are turning to viral videos in order to catch the attention of studios, and there is no doubt that viral is the way to go, just look at the success of the “Harlem Shake.”

“Mortal Kombat’s” Kevin Tancharoen and “Y the Last Man’s” Dan Trachtenberg have already tried their hand at viral videos and now it is stunt-veteran-turned-director Jesse V. Johnson’s turn.

Johnson, director of the action films “The Package,” released in 2012, and “Kill ‘Em All, John,” set to start filming this summer, has taken on the challenge of giving life back to one of DC Comics most beloved heroines, Wonder Woman.

With only $3,500 of his own money and a lot of favors, the director set out to make an original fan film. For the role of Wonder Woman he chose Danish singer and actress Nina Bergman who has the same piercing baby blues as Lynda Carter the Wonder Woman of the 70s. Johnson also got actors Peter Stormare and Timothy Murphy from “Sons of Anarchy” to play a couple of Nazis.

The two minute short was disappointing. Although the fighting scenes were good this short lost the essence of Wonder Woman because apart from the costume the heroine we all know is not there. What the hell happened to the lasso of truth probably — one of her most notable weapons — the use of her tiara as a boomerang or her amazing super strength? 

Sure she kicked some ass but so did Uma Thurman in “Kill Bill” and Michelle Rodriguez in “The Fast and the Furious,” what else is new?

The Director even made minimal, almost invisible, use of the heroine’s easiest trait, those indestructible gold bracelets which the actress used to repel two bullets in a shot shown from the back.

With a $3500 budget I didn’t expect her to fly but I did expect her to be better than Lynda Carter. I expected a sexy and strong woman who fights for what’s right with her superhuman strength and heart. All I got was a woman in costume fighting, an over rated ass shot and what appears to be LA in the background. 

To this short I say, good try Mr. Johnson but please stay away from Wonder Woman or any other action figure for that matter. 

The project was produced by Hugh Daly and Faz Brahimi, and assisted by Johnson’s Station 3 manager and producing partner Kailey Marsh. It was debuted this past Wednesday.

What do you guys think of Jesse V. Johnson’s version of “Wonder Woman.” Let us know in the comments below!

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