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Here's a look at all the new movies releasing this week in theaters along with their trailers!

‘Wreck-It Ralph’ scores first place at the box office!

'Wreck-It Ralph' scores first place at the box office!

Disney’s ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ opens at number one in the box office with $49.1 million dollars. The much anticipated cartoon film had no problem getting here, since it has received great reviews and its colorful story easily captivates kids and adults. The studio is gearing up for the upcoming holidays!

Denzel Washington’s ‘Flight’ opened at number two with $25 million dollars; he certainly attracts a crowd. Director Robert Zemeckis reminds the public that he still has it with this adult film that not only pleased many, but also has a lot of Oscar buzz around it.

Argo’ has been up and down the box office and once again it’s at number three with $10.2 million dollars.  This is another film that has gotten a lot of Oscar buzz and has achieved a grand total of $75.9 million dollars after being in theaters for four weeks.

The Top 10 in the Box Office are:

1. Wreck-It Ralph – $49.1 mil

2. Flight – $25 mil

3. Argo – $10.2 mil

4. The Man With the Iron Fists – $8.2 mil

5. Taken 2 – $6 mil

6. Cloud Atlas – $5.2 mil

7. Hotel Transylvania – $4.5 mil

8. Paranormal Activity 4 $4.3 mil

9. Here Comes the Boom – $3.6 mil

10. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D – $3.3 mil

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