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Jack Rico


2015/10/02 at 10:24am

Will Smith Musically Unretires With Single ‘Fiesta’ From Colombia’s ‘Bomba Estéreo’

10.2.2015 | By |

Incredible news coming out of Colombia this week. Not only does Colombia and the FARC come to some sort of peace agreement, but J Balvin kicks off #VivaToday performing on the TODAY show on October 6th and now this – Will Smith comes out of music retirement, after 10 years of not recording anything since Switch, to collaborate with Colombian band Bomba Estéreo on a remix of ‘Fiesta‘! Read More

Adam Garcia


2015/09/29 at 10:40am

The Walk (Movie Review)

09.29.2015 | By |

The 1-4-0: With #TheWalk, Robert Zemeckis creates an amazing—and moving—3D experience about Philippe Petit’s high wire performance between the Twin Towers. Read More

Adam Garcia


2015/09/28 at 10:28am

The Martian (Movie Review)

09.28.2015 | By |

The 1-4-0: Ridley Scott’s #TheMartian creates an uplifting and surprisingly funny sci-fi survival story that highlights the best of humanity. Read More

Felix Dalgo


2015/09/24 at 3:52pm

Ashby (Movie Review)

09.24.2015 | By |

The 1-4-0: #Ashby is a different take on what you might consider to be a comedy. The film is funny but has its serious moments that might make you think about your surroundings. Unlike other comedy films out there, this one tries and succeeds on delivering a message to the audience.  Read More

Jack Rico


2015/09/23 at 2:30pm

The Intern (Movie Review)

09.23.2015 | By |

The 1-4-0: #TheIntern is a lovable, touching father-daughter like New York movie, in the tradition of Nora Ephron, which showcases an emotional performance from Robert De Niro. Get ready for a happy cry! Read More

Jack Rico


2015/09/22 at 10:34am

This Week In Movies… ‘The Intern,’ ‘Green Inferno,’ ‘Lizzie Velasquez’

09.22.2015 | By |

We’re almost closing out September and the movies being released are quality films. This week in movies is packed from head to toe on drama films. Movies such as: Mississippi Grind, The Keeping Room, 99 Homes and Stonewall have recognizable casts and intriguing plot lines. Read More

Adam Garcia


2015/09/18 at 3:30pm

Black Mass (Movie Review)

09.18.2015 | By |

The 1-4-0: Johnny Depp enters the Oscars race with a terrifying portrayal of Boston’s most infamous gangster. Read More

Adam Garcia


2015/09/17 at 2:46pm

Netflix Releases First-Look Photos for Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’

09.17.2015 | By |

Netflix released our first official look at the main cast of their upcoming Marvel series Jessica Jones. Based on the mature Marvel comic Alias created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, the new series will follow Krysten Ritter (Breaking Bad) as the eponymous Jessica Jones, an erstwhile superhero rebuilding her life as a private detective in post-Avengers New York. Read More

Jack Rico


2015/09/14 at 7:25pm

Alien Invasion Movie ‘The 5th Wave’ Releases First Official Trailer

09.14.2015 | By |

Alien movies are a dime a dozen now a days and no Hollywood studio can seem to get them right anymore. Battleship was a fun disaster, Godzilla was only good when it could’ve been grat, and I can go on and on. The last good one I saw was Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. But The 5th Wave seems like it can provide some good tension, suspense and fun time at the theaters. Just look at the plane scene, tell me that didn’t wig you out? Read More

Adam Garcia


2015/09/10 at 3:52pm

‘Gotham’ Season 2 (TV Review)

09.10.2015 | By |

The 1-4-0: #Gotham, the Batman prequel series fails to correct the mistakes of the first season. Read More

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