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20 Feet Stardom Archives -

Jack Rico


2017/03/18 at 9:36am

‘The Highly Relevant Podcast’: “Betting On Zero” and Herbalife’s Latino Exploitation

Thank you for listening to episode 24 of the ‘Highly Relevant Podcast’ which you can now subscribe to on the player above ⬆️  or via the Revolver Podcast network. This week, an important new documentary called “Betting On Zero” hits theaters and it centers on the alleged pyramid scheming of the nutrition company Herbalife. It also chronicles in detail how Latinos have been exploited by Herbalife as well. Ted Braun, the director of the film and Latina activist Julie Contreras also a part of the film, join me to discuss the film’s central premise and the financial ramifications Herbalife’s sketchy business dealings have had on the Hispanic community. Please share, subscribe and leave a review. Read More

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