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Pau Brunet


2010/06/07 at 12:00am

Monday Box Office: ‘Shrek 4’, three’s a charm

Monday Box Office: 'Shrek 4', three's a charm

This week come to the screen four strong releases but none with options to reach the first position, a position he has held comfortably Shrek Forever After. In the third week introduced the lowest down top10, 41%, and totals $ 25M and a total of $ 183M. The film has surprised this week to present a slight decrease just as a kind of negative weekend in general. This track has been negative for the other two options segment, Prince of Persia and Marmaduke. Now Shrek has just enough time to take advantage of the stretch, because in some great competitor will Toy Story 3. Word of mouth from the Dreamworks movie not made of steel and therefore it is easy to think that will be very weak before the Disney film.

On their own, Prince of Persia falls more than expected, 53% to $ 13.9 M and even below the 60M in the U.S., while Marmaduke has raised only $ 11.3 M despite leaving with more than 3,200 cinemas . The film has lacked some bad data matching The spy next door or Furry Vengeance. The promotion was colorful but not spectacular and this may translate into a little hold up the $ 25-27M.

Of the premieres this week, more strongly shining were the two comedies, Get him to the Greek and Killers, and both are what have been the best results. The first complies with the long awaited, $ 17.4 M in 2.697 theaters with an average of $ 6.400, the second is placed in the $ 16.1 M, slightly higher than previously thought and much better than expected with Friday’s data . With 2.859 copies, his average is placed in a room right $ 5,600.

Get him to the Greek achieves a success because it has been successful to be a decent offer from sector 20 to 35 years pro-comedies like thugs as Role Models or Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The film of “colleagues” did not have much competition in this bulletin and this has become strong, based on a correct positive review. On their own, Killers has positioned itself as clearly feminine and comedy for all ages, but with a radically different aroma Sex and the city 2. The Lionsgate film is raised as an option similar to Date Night, and sought the memory of his previous films lead actress, Katherine Heigl, The Ugly truth and 27 dresses.

The comedy star last week, Sex and the city in February, has fallen hard as expected. What makes an exaggerated 60% to $ 12.6 M and puts his total at $ 73m, 26 less than the previous film by now. Warner is unlikely to repeat the success of the previous movie, concerned by a terrible word of mouth and fierce competition. The film arouses the interest deducted from their followers and this suggests that jumps to $ 100M but little further.

The fourth release of the week has been the ill-fated Splice, independently of gender production fully dimensioned by Warner. The tape came out with 2.450 cinemas and surrounded by a positive review of some enthusiasm from the most fan of the genre. After its limited release on Friday, the upside is that does not sink during the Saturday, probably indicating an interesting response from the adult sector concerned by the proposal. Now the question is in the pull of recommendation, the element which should keep alive.

# TITULO Recaudación Descenso # Salas Prom/Salas Acmdo.
1 Shrek Forever After 25M$ -41% 4.386 $5.760 183M$
2 Get Him to the Greek

2.696 $6.400 17,4M$
3 Killers
16,1M$ 2.859 $5.300 16,1M$
4 Prince of Persia 13,9M$ -53% 3.646 $4.168 59,5M$
5 Sex and the City 2 12,6M$ -60% 3.445 $3.775 73,4M$
Pau Brunet


2009/11/30 at 12:00am

‘New Moon’ is #1 for second week!

'New Moon' is #1 for second week!

Studio execs should give plenty of thanks to female moviegoers: The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Blind Side led the best-ever Thanksgiving weekend at the box office by drawing women and families into theaters, while male-centric newcomers Old Dogs and Ninja Assassin only earned so-so numbers.

Following its record-breaking first weekend, first-place finisher New Moon brought in $66 million over the three-day (Friday through Sunday) weekend, driving its cume to a fantastic $230.7 million — the sixth highest of the year, just below Star Trek ($257.7 million). Not far behind, The Blind Side came in at No. 2 with $40.1 million by appealing to audiences who would rather watch a movie about football than stay home for a game on TV. With a $100.3 million total so far, the pigskin pic is Sandra Bullock’s second $100 million hit of the year after this summer’s The Proposal ($164 million).

Disaster pic 2012 ($18 million) continued to perform well, beating a duo of new releases: the Robin Williams-John Travolta buddy pic Old Dogs (fourth place, $16.8 million) and the actioner Ninja Assassin (sixth place, $13.1 million). With a $24.1 million total so far, Old Dogs hasn’t captured the same men-of-a-certain-age crowds that drove Travolta’s Wild Hogs to a $39.7 million debut back in 2007. Meanwhile, Disney’s A Christmas Carol (fifth place, $16 million) got a holiday bump, jumping 30 percent over last weekend to a total of $105.3 million.

Specialty pics found modest success, with the animated Fantastic Mr. Fox earning $7 million Fri.-Sun. in its first wide-release weekend, and The Road grossing $1.5 million at 111 theaters.

Overall, the box office raked in an all-time high of $278 million over the five-day weekend.

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