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Dan Fogelman Archives -

Karen Posada


2012/12/17 at 12:00am

The Guilt Trip

The Guilt Trip

The Guilt Trip’ completely took me by surprise, I actually enjoyed it because it’s funny, sweet and it has an easy way of connecting with the public. No matter where you’re from or how old you are you can relate to this movie because of the relationship between mother and son. Most mothers treat us like children, give us advice and love us even when we are mean to them and that’s where this movie strikes gold. This is almost like your typical buddy comedy, but with a son and mother duo, which is the fun twist.


Andy Brewster (Seth Rogen) is a scientist who decides to have a cross-country road trip to sell his latest invention. He first lands at mom’s house, Joyce (Barbra Streisand) who’s happy to have her baby boy home. Unexpectedly Andy decides to bring his mom on his weeklong road trip, where they’ll get on each other’s nerves, but will also get closer.


This movie has plenty of laugh out loud moments, because we’ll all be able to say “my mom does that same thing!” The situations will make you nod in agreement and they will also make you feel embarrassed for poor Andy, but will also make you feel bad for lonely Joyce. The interesting thing about this comedy is that it also gets emotional; our mother is one of the people that pushes our buttons and we are irritated by easily, but no matter what they still love us and we are reminded of that here. You will probably be a little more considerate to mom after this and you will just want to call her or go on a road trip with her shortly after.


This isn’t the funniest movie of the year, but it certainly is one of the funniest movies these two have done in a while and director’s Anne Fletcher‘s unlikely pairing is what makes it special. It gets more fun after the first half, where Andy feels more at ease and let’s loose. Scriptwriter Dan Fogelman based this film on his own experiment of taking a two-week road trip with his mom across country. Streisand is the strongest part of the film, naturally behaving like a mom being funny and emotional all at once. Rogen takes a little while to find his footing, acting awkwardly at the beginning of the film, but making us laugh with his sarcasm.


There are some fun cameos throughout the film, which complement the story. The movie is entertaining because it’s unpredictable and you’re wondering what this pair will run into next. It reminds us that our parents have their own lives, problems and are wise even though we don’t often take their advice. This is an enjoyable one to take your mom to or your teens; it’s a good feel family movie for the holiday season. 

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