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Daredevil remake Archives -

Daredevil remake Archives -

Mack Chico


2009/05/26 at 12:00am

‘Daredevil’ to make a cinematic comeback

'Daredevil' to make a cinematic comeback

The movie website posted the following news story about the remake of Ben Affleck’s Daredevil movie:

The blog for the Los Angeles-based store Golden Apple Comics spotted one such actor when “Battlestar Gallactica” star Katee Sackhoff went there to buy every single comic featuring Typhoid Mary she could get her hands on with “hopes to get a part for a marvel movie.”

Comic fans will realize right away that Typhoid Mary is the longtime foe (and lover) of Marvel’s Daredevil, a mutant with a multiple personality who develops various powers depending on which personality inhabits her at the time. She was created by Ann Nocenti and John Romita Jr., first appearing in their run with Daredevil #254.

That makes one wonder whether 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios are already looking into possibly relaunching Daredevil on the big screen, following the Mark Steven Johnson version starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, which came out in 2003. Natassia Malthe played Typhoid in the 2005 spin-off Elektra with Garner. Typhoid also appeared in the early “Deadpool” comics, so this might be for the Deadpool spin-off with Ryan Reynolds.

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