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IMAX:Hubble 3D Archives -

IMAX:Hubble 3D Archives -

Jack Rico


2010/03/21 at 12:00am

IMAX:Hubble 3D

IMAX:Hubble 3D

How many times are you going to hear someone say that there is a film out there right now that has better 3D special effects than Avatar? Most likely you won’t until you witness ‘IMAX: Hubble 3D,’ one of the most tantalizing 3D imagery ever put on celluloid.  It is a truly eye-popping experience that will make you shake your head over and over again. This is a documentary done by NASA, not be confused for a fictional film. The images and scenes you will see here is real. None of it is fake.

The story crafted by the director/writer Toni Myers and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio is about seven astronauts who in May of 2009 traveled to space to repair and update hardware on the Hubble telescope. The images that were later captured, according to the documentary, were the farthest pictures ever captured by human machinery. It is from what they say, the end of the known universe.

The most boggling and staggering thing about Hubble is the 3D ‘voyage’ the director takes us on billions of light years away to what is presumably the actual end of the universe as captured by the Hubble telescope. This happens a few times and it feels like you’re on a ride at Epcot Center.

Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t the best narrator, I would have much preferred Morgan Freeman or Tom Hanks, even Tom Cruise, but he gets the job done.

Overall, ‘IMAX: Hubble 3D,’ is a technological advancement that is sure to be adopted by many studios from now on. I hope it is, because if this is the future of films, then we are in for an IMAX HUGE treat!

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