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In the Loop Archives -

In the Loop Archives -

Jack Rico


2009/05/15 at 12:00am

Trailer Premiere of "In the Loop"

05.15.2009 | By |

Trailer Premiere of "In the Loop"

“In the Loop” is drawing instant comparisons to some of the great political and absurdist comedies such as “Doctor Strangelove”, “Wag the Dog”, “Thank You For Not Smoking”, “Monty Python”.

The film is a smart comedy with razor-sharp, truly laugh-out-loud dialogue that pokes fun at the absurdity and ineptitude of our highest leaders. With everyone looking out for number one, and the fate of the free world at stake (but apparently incidental), the hilarious ensemble cast of characters bumbles its way through Machiavellian political dealings, across continents, and toward comic resolutions that are unforeseeable.

“In the Loop” will be released in theaters on July 24th, 2009.



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