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Insidious 2 Archives -

Insidious 2 Archives -

Jack Rico


2013/09/04 at 5:48pm

The 12 Must See Movies Of September!

September marks the end of summer movies in Hollywood and begins its transition towards the release of award winning films. Note my use of the word transition. Utilizing that word means that September only possesses 2 movies that have any real aspirations at being nominated or winning anything come Oscar time – Salinger for Best Documentary and Prisoners for a few nominations. This month also brings a plethora of documentaries. Almost half of the films on this list are documentaries. The rise in the genre is getting stronger by the year and I feel is becoming our new literature for facts. Ironically, Michael Moore, the best representative of the genre is nowhere to be found. You will find on this list everything from one of James Gandolfini’s final performances on film, The Beatles back on the screen and the mysterious universe of bodybuilding. Without further delay, here are the 12 Must See Movies of September! Read More

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