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Katie Anne Naylon Archives -

Karen Posada


2012/08/29 at 12:00am

For a Good Time, Call..

For a Good Time, Call..

For a Good Time, Call…’ is a hilariously offensive, awkward, and sometimes disgustingly funny comedy that you will not only be able to enjoy with your girlfriends, but you can actually drag your boyfriend to. For those of you familiar with ‘Sex and the City’, you would certainly like this comedy, but the bonus here is that the raunchiness Samantha’s character brought to the series, which was one of the funnest parts about it, here it is taken to a whole other level without the baggage of Carrie’s drama. One thing that keeps this comedy safe is that surprisingly there is no nudity; the R rating is attributed all to the language used. I think director Jaime Travis was able to put on a comedy that is mainly laughs, very little drama and a whole lot of shocking language that will satisfy the audience.


The story develops as Katie (Ari Graynor) comes to find out she’s about to loose her rent-controlled dream apartment in Gramercy Park, the only way to continue living there is to get a roommate. Lauren (Lauren Miller) has just been dumped by her boyfriend and has nowhere to go, thanks to their mutual friend, Jesse (Justin Long) the two find a solution to their problems. The issue is that the girls dislike each other since college. However, they start overcoming their problems when they see their only solution to keeping the apartment is setting up a phone sex line in order to make ends meet.  


These two characters represent different personalities that interestedly enough I can assure everyone in the audience can think of two different friends that are just like this. The main actresses have such a great dynamic together, Graynor is just the right amount of bitchy and independent and Miller, who is also the writer of the film, is your typical goodie two shoes without being overtly annoying. Long definitely is a nice addition to the film, as he delivers a balance between the polar opposites and is equally if not more hilarious. The movie will certainly make you feel uncomfortable at some points, but that’s where it succeeds in pushing the envelope. What’s most interesting about it is that despite of the core subject, it’s still able to develop a human relationship out of that; although it has some unrealistic elements it can still feel like a down to earth friendship flick, as both characters are able to grow from their experiences thanks to their interaction.


The movie does have some silly and weak jokes, which fortunately don’t last long enough to ruin it. There’s also some predictability as to what will happen, but despite that it’s still able to keep you entertained all throughout. I could have done without some scenes, but like I said the discomfort might be one of the charms of the film. The ending isn’t a complete circle, but it’s enough to keep you wondering without needing more.


There’s not much out there in the comedy genre targeted to women specifically, but what’s nice about this one is that it doesn’t shut out guys completely either. Miller seems to share her husband’s (Seth Rogen) streak of good humor, with a nice touch of femininity. The reason why this movie is so funny is because it dares to go beyond what we are used to without resorting to slap stick humor; it is all about the dialogue as we hear more than what we are shown. Look out for some pretty memorable and hilarious cameos as well as some funny interactions with the other characters. This movie is a fun, exciting and entertaining way to end the box office summer. 

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