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Knight and Day Archives -

Knight and Day Archives -

Jack Rico


2010/06/25 at 12:00am

Knight and Day

Knight and Day

Tom Cruise is back and I’m loving it. I’ve been a supporter of the actor ever since I can remember, mainly because, I strongly believe he is a very good actor who knows how to pick stories that entertain a mass audience. Many still don’t regard in the same light (he’s never won an Academy Award). His latest effort is the action comedy ‘Knight and Day,’ one I believe to be the second most entertaining film of 2010 after ‘Kick-Ass.’

The plot is centered on a spy (Cruise) who bumps into a normal woman (Diaz) at an airport and involves her into his dangerous mission around the world.

So you have an idea of what you are up against, ‘Knight and Day’ is the comedy version of the Mission Impossible series. I found those films enthralling and to see Cruise in this loosely based adaptation, mixed with appealing jokes in between, gave this critic mad moments of hilarity. The pacing was intense and exciting, the jokes and gags were amusing and enjoyable and the acting was chemically divine! The film isn’t perfect, but the flaws are invisible, masked by pure summer fun action.

Both Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz seem re-vivified here. Evident and nostalgically so are Cruise’s magical nuances that made him into the biggest box office star of the late ’80s and early ’90s. Both stars seemed to really have fun making this movie and it looks genuine on screen.

‘Knight and Day’ is what summer Hollywood movies are all about – pure high wattage entertainment with likable superstars. This one qualifies as a must see in my book.

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